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"Soooo 1992" Cassette Case Notepad

Posted on September 12, 2010 at 4:54 PM
Soooo 1992!
Cassette Single Notepad Tutorial

I've created a cassette single notepad and wanted to show you how to make one for yourself.

Here's what you need:
You're going to need a cassette single. 
{I got all of these at Goodwill for about 50 cents a piece.} 
...and this stuff:
Paper Cutter {optional}
Embroidery Thread
Strong Tape
How to make it:
Step One:
Remove cassette... {ha ha, that was easy, huh?"}
Step Two:
This pic was taken to show you what NOT to do.  Do not peel the seam of the cover.  It will not be on the right side in order to turn into a notebook jacket.
Step Three:
Pay attention to where the opening will be and using scissors, cut vertically up the center. 
Step Four:
This is where I messed up when grouping all the pics in a grid.  This pic shows the edges all cut off.  So see step five to know how this should happen!  {shame}
Step Five:
If you have a paper cutter this would be a good time to trim the excess to clean up the edges. {see pic 4}
Step Six:
Using a strong piece of tape {I used electrical tape, because of the color,} run a piece along the binding around to the inside.  Now, it just so happens that the width of the tape is the same width as the binding of the jacket.  If you have another type of tape you should probably only run it along the inside.  This step just adds rigidity to the binding.
Step Seven:
Poke 6 holes along the inside {or outside} of the binding.  Two at the top, two in the middle, and two at the bottom.
Step Eight:
Tie a knot at the end of the embroidery thread and using another piece of tape, adhere it to the inside of the jacket.
Step Nine:
Cut 30 sheets of paper measuring:  4" X 4.5" and separate them into two piles of 15.
Step Ten:
Fold all of the sheets lengthwise. Still keeping two separate piles.  {folding the 4 1/2" side in half.  When folded,
each piece should be 4 x 2 1/4}. 
Step Eleven -- Fifteen:
See this tutorial from Crafster.org for threading process.
{She explains it much more thoroughly!}
Step Sixteen:
Leave about a foot of thread after you've done this process, and using color coordinating beads, string the ends of the thread.  Then knot at the end and snip excess.  This step allows you to wrap the thread around the book and tuck in the bead to hold it all together.  Once you do this, just wrap the thread around the book and tuck the end bead in.

photos edited on photobucket.com

R.I.P.  Tape Generation

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