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Impress Using Pic Monkey {Part 1}

Posted on July 17, 2012 at 11:10 PM




So as everyone on the planet is aware of, Picnik.com is no more. And we miss it so. But the show must go on.  And a team came together {not sure if affiliated with Picnik's people} and created a site strangely similar.  If not better in some aspects but not as awesome in other. {But we won't pout!}

I wanted to talk about and show you how you can create a simple, yet impressive, photo collage.  Now, I don't claim to be a pro or anything. I just like to play around with photo editing and see what I can do. 

So I took my son's photos fresh out of the bath and wanted to do something unique with it.  Alas, the collage!  I'm an avid Picasa user but their collages don't extend to the selection you can get from PicMonkey. So here is one tutorial among others in the future, for the people out there that want to think outside the box in photo editing.


I started to add a simple rounded corner box for the text but later I found a saying bubble that was just like it but had an arrow pointing toward the bottom right photo. Then I adjusted the opacity so it wasn't so intense of a contrast



The border is adjusted by using the eyedropper tool on the color adjusment menu {sorry, no pic} and I hovered the eyedropper over a part of the towel he's wearing.  And the text box was also from the eyedropper, but hovering over the darkest part of the towel.

Then to add a "bubble" effect, I kept adding circle stamps and adjusted the opacity so it appeared to overlap with slight clarity like bubbles do.  Also, you can duplicate a stamp by right-clicking it and clicking "duplicate object" in the drop down menu.

Lastly, I added a border that somewhat resembled the bubbles. Once I completed and saved it after I made the border, I figured it could've stood out just fine without .

Many people may stop at just moving their photos into the boxes and clicking save.  But I tend to think it doesn't take much to add some unique details.  Think about the theme of the photo and accessorize.  You don't leave the house with just a shirt & pants, do you?

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