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How to Create Custom Color Palettes with "Chip It!"

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Celebrate "Crayola Crayon" Day with 28 Crayon Crafts!

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(top photo project included in list, bottom photo source)

So I recently discovered through daysoftheyear.com, that March 31st is Crayola Crayon Day!  I figured it would make an awesome diy list to share to celebrate what originated 111 years ago!!  The creation of the magical, ageless crayon. Here's what the site had to say about it:

Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, Violet…no, we’re not talking about a rainbow, but rather just some of the 400 different shades of crayon colours Crayola has produced since 1903!  What a perfect opportunity to celebrate its bright and colourful addition to the world with Crayola Crayon Day!  Crayola began its life as a company when cousins Edwin Binney and C. Harold Smith took over a pigment business in 1885 that Edwin’s father owned. Since then, they have produced a core set of 120 crayon colours; but they have also come out with many unique sets; including metallic coloured crayons, gem tones colours,and even scented ones.  So, why not let your inner child out on Crayola Crayon Day? Find a colouring book and a box of Crayola crayons, and get to work? It’s a therapeutic and enjoyable way to pass some time, and you can even hang your finished picture on yourfridge when you’re done!

1. say yes  /  2. picklebums  /  3. little inspiration / also pieces of polly and flower patch farmgirl  /  4. idlewife  /  5. a faithful attempt  /  6. sorry source unknown - similar tutorial  7. pinterest (Christine Snyder)  /  8. crafty confessions  /  9. pieces of polly  10. ehow   /  11. crayola's pinterest board (they have tons of ideas)  12. home based mom   /  13. chic cheap nursery  /  14.  happy hooligans  /  15. totally tots  /  16.  crafts by amanda  and kinderdi  /  17.  crafts unleashed  /  18. under the sycamore  /  19. my frugal adventures / also mini-eco  and  let's explore  /  20. learn create love  /  21. itkupilli  /  22. spoonful  /  23. kix cereal  /   24. lines across and dollar store crafts  /  25.  special occasions   /  26.  wild olive and youtube (martingale)  /  27. one potato, two potato, three potato, four  /  28.  artful parent

Crayon Sorter |  my life of travels and adventures

Crayon Block |  ana white       |       3D Melted Crayon Art  |  squidoo

DIY Crayons Using Glue Stick Containers | kids activities blog

'On-The-Go' Travel Box Using Wipes Container | deal wise mommy

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Activities for Crayon Related Picture Books:

The Crayon Box That Talked | fun with firsties 

The Day The Crayons Quit | enchanted homeschooling mom

Harold and the Purple Crayon | dundee montessori

Note: My apologies to Crayola. While it uncertain which crayons were used in all 
of these tutorials, it is apparent that two of these projects were created with the 
use of a crayon brand that isn't. I can't speak for them but, I'm sure they send
out their apologies, too. :D

112 Shades of Inspiration

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Rainbow themed craft projects, goods, and inspiration to get you ready for

St. Patty's Day!

1.surprise rainbow party invitation: mr. printables  2. rainbow mobile: scrap, snap, blog, tweet  3. diy gumball machine party favor: tammy mitchell designs  4. free printable alphabet poster: my poppet 5. rainbow dot spiral mobile: etsy 6. crochet nested bowls: whey beyond the naked truth  7.  diy paper ornaments: field guide 35

1. sewing rainbows: childhood 101  2. crayon pebbles: munchkins & mayhem 3. sandpaper iron-on tees: alphamom 4. rainbow wind catchers: a pretty cool life  5. styrofoam rainbow prints: the chocolate muffin  6. salt and glue watercolor paintings: pink and green mama  7.  rainbow collage: art projects for kids

1. diy rainbow tie-dye shoes: i love to create  2. rainbow dance shoes: rainbow geeks (great blog if you love rainbows) 3. rainbow pumps: haute mimi  4. new balance rainbow running shoes: new balance 5. rainbow rain boots: momstrology  6. rainbow converse: random kalei via deviantart  7. rainbow converse: freshnessmag

1. don valley parkway, toronto: the star  2. big dipper roller coaster: shine little light    3. paint on windsheild prank: cheezburger  4. pantone hotel, belgium: pantone hotel  5. euroslide, toronto, canada: pinterest + toronto snaps for more photos  6. four-classroom kindergarten, paris: the cool hunter  7. rainbow ice cubes:happy hooligans

1. cloud pencil + eraser set: neatoshop 2. smart memo pad: wanelo 3. diy wrapped feather gel pens: idlewife  4. kid made modern by todd olham colored pencils: target 5. rainbow note book: suk uk  6. pixel colored pencils: diskursdisko  7. 8gb buddy chub rainbow usb flashdrive: fab

1. candy + marshmallow favor bags: griottes  2. rainbow veggie flatbread pizza: gimme some oven  3. bright fortune cookie favors: a subtle revelry 4. double rainbow quick pops: zoku  5. rainbow pepper on cheese quesadilla: bent on better lunches 6. rainbow waffles with whipped cream: tablespoon  7. rainbow doodle birthday cake: sweetapolita

1. hair chalking tutorial: trim magazine  2. butterfly hair pins: etsy (the honey comb)  3.  rainbow star headband: janine basil 4. diy nail polish painted bobby pins: club chica circle 5. more hair chalk inspiration: flikr  6. rainbow ribbon hair clip: etsy (sunflowers & daisies) 7. diy tissue paper party headband: studio diy

1. rainbow bikini: poshmark and pinterest 2. rainbow scarf: fowl single file 3. pixel tights: smosh and this next  4. rainbow wrist warmers: the adventures of mnms  5. ralph lauren tie-dye polo: lyst 6. popcicle tshirt: ffffound and pinterest   7. donald brooks wool striped jacket: leslie hindman

1. rainbow apholstered chairs: small shop studio 2. cantebury rainbow shag rug: overstock 3. color wheel wall clock: wanelo 4. rainbow colored vintage book set: etsy 5.  taped work table: elise blaha  6. knitted rainbow blanket: the purl bee 7.  rainbow flatware: macy's

1. colorful dollhouse mini display box: etsy  2. rainbow ribbon with cloud wand: momtastic 3. yo gabba gabba vans sneakers: skate and annoy 4. colorful building blocks: wanelo  5. diy rainbow dress: burdastyle  6. rainbow crocheted monkey cap: etsy 7. rainbow alphabet crayons: etsy

1. rainbow suspenders (mork & mindy): display costume   2. cheer bear: rainbow geeks 3. barbie hangers: etsy   4.  rainbow brite necklace: etsy   5. retro yellow rainbow roller skates: the hunt    6. sixties rainbow swimsuit: beauty is a warm gun   7.  rainbow brite doll and starlite horse: wyosparkles

1.  modern lumbar pillow: etsy    2. round floor pillow: etsy   3. scrappy rainbow pillow: punkin patterns    4.  striped rainbow cat pillow: etsy    5. pom pom pillow: flikr   6.  rainbow plushie: flikr    7. rainbow doxie pillow: pure home

1.  monogrammed rainbow drawstring favor bags: chicka bug   2. rainbow paint chip banner: babble   3. rainbow polka dot paper straws: small shop studio   4.  mutli heart rainbow wedding cake: the wedding chicks    5. rainbow strip backdrop: the flair exchange    6. yo gabba gabba birthday cake: flikr    7. rainbow stacked waffles: a subtle revelry

1. vintage square colored bangles: heirloom finds   2.  diy rainbow bangle: love u madly   3. source unknown   4. polymer clay rainbow cake earrings + ring set: deviantart   5. rainbow stud belt: overstock   6.  stacking toy necklace: fab   7. ice cream earrings: wanelo

1. three pears print: ffffound   2. colors art print mounted on wood: saftety pin designs   3. dance like no one is watching print: etsy   4. photo drips series: markus linnenbrink   5. diy rainbow car art: imagine our life   6. comic villian art: etsy   7. colorful love hearts map: etsy via wanelo

1. louis vuitton leather vertical striped bag: ebon gregory    2. rainbow cross-body clutch: amazon    3.  rainbow duct tape purse: etsy     4. gum wrapper purse: eco crafty   5. checkered rainbow backpack: amazon     6. rainbow striped beaded clutch: etsy   7. felted rainbow blotch clutch: etsy

Update:  I had to include this amazing web find!  On The Proper Pinwheel, they featured a chromatic typewriter, a conceptual art piece that punches color into the paper instead of letters.  I fell in love an had to feature it. Check it out.

more details here at studio e

Click Here to Explore My Rainbow Board

Decorating With... {Pink}

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Decorating With Pink!

1. Chic Modern Home Office Country Living

2. Modern Office Decodir

3. Light & Clean Bedroom Decor Pad

4. Chic Striped Bedroom Decor Pad

5. Modern Fuchsia Bedroom Decodir

6. Edgy Modern Bedroom Best Furniture Shop

7. Baby Pink & White Laundry Space VisualizeUs

8. Pink & Orange Flor Tiles Casa Sugar

9.  Vintage-Glam Inspired Livingroom Decor Pad

10. Modern Floral Living Room ehomee

11. Comfy Clean & Country Country Living

12. Chic Fuchsia Apartment Decodir

13. Lexie's Zebra Inspired Teen Room Inter1or

14. Minimalist Pink, White & Black Bedroom  Decor Pad

15. Designer's Fashion Domain Beauty in Everything

16. Vintage Inspired Nursery Beauty in Everything

17. Pop-Mod Fuchsia Nursery Decor Pad

18. Modern Floral Nursery Decor Pad

19. Futuristic Pink & Silver Bathroom DigsDigs

20. Shabby Chic Vintage Craft Room Beauty in Everything

21. Circle-Inspired Child's Bedroom DigsDigs

22. Striped Wallpaper Laundry Area Decor Pad

23. Pink Kitchen Cabinets Beautiful Kitchens

24. 50's Retro Dining Area Beauty in Everything

25. Pink Spiral Staircase Casa Sugar

God is Truly Amazing!

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"Count your rainbows...
not your thunderstorms"
-Alyssa Knight, age 12

So, Wednesday, September 29th at approximately 6:30, after a very rainy day, I saw the most beautiful rainbow outside, behind my sister's house.  For those who don't know me, I loooove rainbows and stare in amazement into one as if it's the first time I have ever seen one. 

If you haven't noticed, it's a double rainbow.  The pictures do NOT do justice to the most beautiful rainbow I have EVER seen.  It was sooo big, I couldn't fit the whole thing for a picture.

This rainbow was a triple-threat! On top of having been a double rainbow, it was very vivid in color and it was completely full. 
{although, no treasure,other than the sight itself}

As I stated in the title:  'God is truly amazing', and when I stop and see a rainbow, I think of it's reference in the bible and how it states that a rainbow means "promise" or "covenant".  After the great flood, God promised not to destroy the world in such a way again:
The next time you see one, stop and enjoy it. 
Make meaning of it's beauty and meaning to yourself.

I'm Just Sayin'... {Pink}

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Photo via


Quote imdb.com

Steel Magnolias


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Cray-zy Crayons

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So this is one of my favorite crafts: "Cray-zy Crayonz". I saw the idea online and thought, "I could sooo make that!'


I saw the idea in marthastewart.com.  It's a great project to do with children or for children. I made loads of them for the children at my church.  They loved them. Kids love the fact that they didn't have to pick up another crayon to change colors. And in turn, that made them believe I was a genius! 

They're simply crayons melted and reformed into different shapes. My favorite is the star because each point serves as a different crayon and it fits very snug in a child's hand. I got a star and moon silicone molds at a Dollar Tree in my town and tried it and it worked perfectly. As a matter of fact, I have found that I liked mine better than the ones that are just from plain muffin tins. You can also purchase Jello molds from ebay or amazon and some really cool ice cube trays from Ikea for $1.99. They have the best shapes. 


Below are the molds I worked with.  The large moon and star and the small green one in the background were all purchased at Dollar Tree.  The black stars and the pink puzzle pieces in the background were purchased at Ikea for $1.99 each.  There were many choices.


They do say: "for ice only" but if you poor the wax from a double broiler or silicone container into the molds, you should be fine.  You just won't have the same effect. Just test it first to be on the safe side.


This is how you can sooo make it:

First preheat oven and let it get to about 300 degrees. While that's heating up, gather all your crayons and separate them between color such as primary and secondary, then others like black, white and so on. The reason for this is because once the labels are peeled off, the darker colors wont give away what they are. It's hard to tell the purples, blues, blacks, and other dark shades from each other.

It's not a necessary step but it helps in the process. I have found that the best way to peel them is not to peel them by hand the way most kids do. (you'll be there forever) The way I peeled them is to simply hold the crayon on the table. Then, using a razor blade, cut lengthwise down the crayon paper as if your cutting a hot dog. (or like disecting a frog in high school... ew, gross!)  

Once you pick at the label edge that you just cut, it peels away extremely easy (especially if they're new. Older ones may stick. That's when you need to throw them away because it's just not worth it.)

Then, once you have all your crayons separated, choose about 3-5 colors. (such as blue, green and yellow or pink, red, black and white) Your combos are going to blend better aesthetically, with certain colors than others. But technically, there really are no rules.  

Break each crayon into about 4-5 pieces and randomly place them in the mold (preferrably silicone) or muffin tin. Make various combinations in each tin. As you see in the picture, I used a silicone star and moon mold  about 5'' in diameter that were for mini-cakes. (in pic above) So if your lucky enough to find a star mold, (Get it? Lucky... Star...? nevermind) anyway, as I said if you found a star mold, place 5 complimentary colors in each peak of the star.

Next, once the oven is preheated, put the muffin pan in and immediately turn the oven off.

Keep an eye on it and it should take about 15-20 minutes for the crayons to melt flat in the molds without being bumpy.

Once they're done, remove them and place the muffin pan flat in the freezer. Make sure you have previously cleared a good flat surface in the freezer. If they are slightly crooked, they won't come out right. While they're in there, if you have another mold you can do another set. That's what I did and it worked real well because they're was no wait time and furthermore no time to get impatient about each step.

Once the crayons have been in there for about 20-30 minutes you can remove them. It's just like removing ice. If you're using a silicone mold, the mold peels away very easy. Just empty them onto a flat towel on the counter and let the condensation dry. If you're using the tin mold, they should be dumped right onto a towel on the counter. 


     And that's about it!! Test 'em out... they work great! Please let me know how you did and send comments or pics... 

It make me smile!