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We Can All Learn Something From Captain Jack!

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We can all learn something from Captain Jack Sparrow!  In order to change our lives, we must change our attitude! 

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Gatsby Inspired...

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Despite the fact that the film, The Great Gatsby is as timeless as it is, I only recently watched it, rather than catch it in the theater, and I must say I REALLY enjoyed it!  More than anything I loved the style.  I never realized how beautiful the 20's style could be.  (I guess Baz Luhrmann knew what he was doing).  I loved the soundtrack just as much.  Anyway, I was extremely inspired to list some fashion and decor finds that were inspired by this film.

Enjoy More Gatsby Inspired Fashion Ensembles like this in my Gallery and more will be uploaded  soon.  (Links under construction)

1. a shroud of thoughts  2. 500px  3. wedding bells 4. artists within 5. beauty by lee  6.  miss usa  7. etsy  8. clara bella faire  9. wedding wire  10. victoria chainey makeup

1. stella and dot  2. kitsy lane (unavailable) 3. deliver me diamonds  4. zappo's  5. pinterest  6. plan your perfect wedding  7. in pink 8. jewels du jour 

1. tidbits  2. zappo's  3. miss z accessories 4. be-you-tiful  5. lyst  6. etsy 7. weddingdress bee  8. oliver bonas  9. cavan

1. era interiors 2. restoration hardware  3. food paradise (with DIY instructions) 4. pinterest  5. baker furniture 6. creative sphere  7.  glamour drops 8. casa sugar  9. rona 10. houzz   11. laura ashley

1. paper fashion  (bonus: the original image animates diamonds!)  2. the fox is black  3. tumblr  4. deviantart 5. tumblr 6. pinterest  7. byu college of fine arts 8. nan lawson  9. greg moore 10. pinterest (amc)

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Quote (Titanic 1997)

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The other day I caught Titanic on TV and it was at the scene where Jack Dawson was dining with Rose's family.  When I heard this quote again, among all the other times I had seen this film, I was inspired to create this.   ...I do love this quote.

Do you have an inspirational quote that means something to you?  Let me know and I will create a poster like this one and feature it.

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"As You Think..." {Bruce Lee Quote}

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Inspired by: {Black Swan}

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I recently watched the movie, Black Swan and was pleasantly surprised at what I saw.  If you haven't seen the trailer already there is a video {below} It stars Natalie Portman as Nina Sayers, a perfectionist ballerina student who takes her potential lead role in Swan Lake so seriously, that she begins to embody the character... {that's all I'm saying so far}   I couldn't even put it in words for you how amazing it was, so I advise that you go straight to the end-all-be-all of movie reviews at IMDB and check out the synopsis.  It was very intense.  If she doesn't at least get an Oscar nod, I'll be shocked.  It also stars Mila Kunis and Vincent Cassel.

But after I watched it, I started feeling a little moved. And wanted to check out how this film would be translated in fashion and art.  So, here is a {somewhat} thorough collection for your enjoyment. 

1.  "Ballet on Pointe"  by BalletArt Etsy
2.  Black Swan- Ballet-Inspired Fashion Lauren Love's...
3.  Ballerina Inspired Wedding Gowns Concepts in Bloom
4.  Swan-Inspired Accessories Brides.com
5.  Everyday Black Swan-inspired Makeup She Knows
6.  Black Swan Inspired Fashion Trend AsianFashion.com
7. Black-tutu Ballerina Ornament Etsy
8. Swan Lake Ballerina Tags Etsy
9.  Lightly Ruffled Tiered Skirt Forever21 also available in pink.
10.  Black Swan Refrigerator Magnet  ebay
11.  More Fashion Inspiration Marie Claire More from MC at bottom.
12.  More Fashion Inspiration On the Fourth Floor
13.  Buy the Black Swan Movie Poster over at AllPosters.com

Other Fashion & Accessories

Cute Headband on Etsy
Makeup and Accessories smudgestyle

Other Black Swan
Inspired Images:

{No Black Swan Pics,
but very beautiful ballet images!}

Black Swan Movie Trailer:

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I'm Just Sayin...{Dirty Dancing}

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{One of my favorite flicks... not to mention, one of my favorite and

memorable quotes.  I couldn't resist this one}

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