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A Baker's Dozen ...and then some!

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June 6th is National Donut Day and you know how I roll.  When there is a silly interesting national holiday, I go all out to show you trends from awesome to zany to check out. Because besides Homer Simpson, who wouldn't want to don a blinding repeating pattern of America's favorite donut drowning in pink frosting and sprinkles on their sweatshirt?

I'll have you know, this post wasn't easy.  I couldn't refrain and this list could  not...I repeat: could NOT be titled "Baker's Dozen" alone.  Thirteen wouldn't have cut it. There was just so much to share with you.  They are sooo pretteee. And frankly, I have a stomachache from all the donut binging I have done for your viewing pleasure....  It was a sacrifice, I tell ya!

1.  Resin Donut Fridge Magnets - set of four $16.00 |  Etsy (CreaShines)

2.  Donut Patterned Crewneck Sweatshirt $29.95  |  Zumiez

3.  Crochet Donut Pin Cushion  |  Etsy (Cyrillas Crochet)

4.  Gigantic Donut Pool Float  $18.00  |  Fancy

5.  DIY Donut Pumpkins  |  Studio DIY

6.  Simpsons Donut Nails  |  YouTube (HalahAllyah) via Pinterest

7.  Paper Plate Donut Garland (Kids Project)  |  My Poppet

8.  DIY Donut Balloons  |  Studio DIY

9.  DIY Donut Doormat (Ikea Hack)  |  The House That Lars Built

10.  Paper Donut Gift Box (with free printable)  |  Minieco

11.  DIY Donut Pinata | Studio DIY

12.  Frosted Mini Donut Soap 6pk  $7.00 |  Etsy (Soapopatamus)

13.  Perler Bead Donut Coaster Set  |  Pop That Cassette

14.  Polymer Clay Donut Charm Bracelet  $27.00  |  Etsy (Zjakazumi)

15.  Donut Necklace $10.00 |  Etsy (OwlNest)

16.  Grreat Choice Donut Dog Chew Toy  |  Polyvore

17.  "Donut Worry, Eat Sprinkles" Print  |  Etsy (shoplemonfresh)

18.  Polymer Clay Donut Earrings  $25.00  |  Etsy (Nechegonadet)

19. DIY Donut Tire Prank  |  Studio DIY

20.  Hello Kitty Frosted Donut Key Cap  $5.99  |  Mod Cloth

Honorable Mentions:

Frosted Donut Puzzle  |  FoodBeast

Donut Sweatshirt  |  Nitrolicious

Donut Printable Gift Tag  |  Make Bake Celebrate

Ceramic Donut Coin Bank  |  Etsy  (ModClay)

DIY Felt Donuts  |  Try it. You Might Like it.

Crocheted Pink Frosted Donut  |  Loee. M.

DIY Ombre Powdered Donuts  |  Paper + Stitch

Adorable Donut Fine Art Print  |  Baby Friendly Boltholes / Belle & Boo

DIY Donut Floppy Sun Hat  |  Studio DIY

Super Sweet Donut Onesie Tutorial  | Hearts in Crafts

DIY Simple & Sweet Felt Donut Pillow  |  A Beautiful Mess

Psst...It's also National Yo-yo day, so if you're not a fan of donuts, you still have my permission to throw some confetti....Yay, Yo-yos!!

Honeycomb...In The Home

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1.  Etsy (Asymmetree Design)  /  2.  Etsy (WhiteNest)  /  3. Etsy  (LittleTeaWagon)  /  4. Dot and Bo  /  5.  My Sister's Suitcase  /  6.  Feathers of Gold (DIY)  /  7.  Wanelo  /  8.  Curious Reserve  /  9.  Target  /  10. Project from the book "Everyday Handmade"  via Martingale  / 11.  Clever Spaces  /  12.  Jade and Fern  /  13.  ex-t  /  14.  Society 6   /  15.   O Living  /  16.  Cibone   /  17.  Aspect Ideas  18.  West Elm  /  19.  Urban Outfitters  /  20.  Etsy  (Sharmilaw)

8 Links to Buzz About (06/01)

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1.  Can you imagine how yummy these cookies with gummy bears must be?

2.  I love the idea of filling a family tree with photo printed leaves!

3.  A simple, novel card idea for when you miss the one you love.

4.  My newest dream car, the Mini Superleggera Vision.  Yes, Please!

5.  An ice cube tray makes ice cubes that looks like raindrops!

6.  I'm on "Cloud 9" about this adorable ceramic pendant from Shoppe!

7.  Got a $1000 bucks lyin' around?...Light up your deck with this bad boy!

8.  This beautiful cake topping inspires me to add sticks of gum for typography!

Fashion Illustrations by Katie Rodgers

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I came across this amazing set of illustrations and really felt the need to share them with you. 

They are by fashion illustrator, Katie Rodgers of Paper Fashion.  She has amazing work on her website and has an interesting technique with her watercolors where she adds jewels and it really brings the finished pieces to life!

This one below is my favorite.  It's from a series called "Far Far Away"  It looks like such a dream world...Isn't it just mesmerizing?

Below is a sample of some more of her art.  (If you notice, the one below/right with the star pants has subtle animation too.)


As you can see below, she's not like any other fahion illustrator.  She sets herself apart by her signature touches like animations, real embellishments like glitter and sequins, and the signature "doodle circles" and scroll work around key areas in the body and face. 



And if this bottom image looks familiar, you may remember it from the "Gatsby Inspired" post I did a few months back.

Head on over to her site to check out what she has. And you can purchased her prints in her shop.

paper fashion  /  trendhunter  /  sherona  /  my modern met  /  trinket spotter

bell'dora fashions  /  the raw book  /  glitter guide  /  shu84

8 Links to Buzz About

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1.  I love this wall arrangement with keepsakes in plexi covered shadowboxes

2. These scary monster bookends could be a bookworm's bestie!

3.  Watching the drum-off with Will Ferrell and Chad Smith on Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon made my night!

4.  Here's what you miss when your face is stuck in a smartphone

5.  I love the idea of painting my grocery list!

6.  My new picture book Love Monster (a gift for my son) was a delightful read.

7.  DIY these adorable pine trees made out of a common kitchen staple!

8. One of the greatest songs of the 90's has been made into comic art.

Yes, Please Avoid Comic Sans | 10 Commandments of Typography

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"The infographic below illustrates the '10 Commandments of Typography' that could be followed as quite the basics when it comes to selecting fonts.  Even though typography is an art and art is supposed to be subjective with minimal parameters, these rules can still be applied in order to save time and too much experimentation! Consider the following 10 statements as the best practices of typography…"


click image for a larger view

source: designmantic

Just say NO to Comic Sans!

Free 2014 Printable Calendar Pages

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Ok, I know we are more than halfway through the fourth month of the year, but in hopes of just making you swoon, Look at how utterly adorable these printable calendars are from web designer, Angela over at Hello Cuteness.

I love anything Kawaii and when I came across this bloggers site, I almost died!  As if the name Hello Cuteness isn't enough to don it's own set of dimples, the site's overall aesthetic brings on a feeling equal to diving head first into a huge ball pit....no, really. I mean, will you just look at this robot?

Here is just a preview of some of the months:

(Click on images to go to list of calendar downloads)

You can also get a free full page "Year at a Glance" calendar too:

(Click on image below to go to download page)

Click on the button below to go to Hello Cuteness, and check out all her printables, and services.

Trends Inspired By: Watercolor

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1. apartment therapy   2.  style me pretty   3. diy teen   
4. intimate weddings  5.  real simple (diy sites: the proper pinwheel 
| the salty pineapple | taylor tailor  | glamour and grace 6. griottes 
(site in french) 7. lemonade makin' mama 8.  architect's corner  
(west elm blog has a tutorial, however not for this particular room)
more not pictured: design love fest / 

1. piccolini 2.  waldorf (inspired) moms 3.  von maur  
4.  having fun at home  5.  the girl creative  
6.  sorry, site is no longer available but here are some links to same 
diy ideas: pinterest / snixie / swell mayde and lovely indeed  
7.  fun at home with kids  8. osh kosh 9.  etsy (outside in art studio)

1.  etsy (digi buddha paperie)  2.  modernly wed  3. green wedding shoes  
4. brides of north texas  5. oh happy day!  6.  etsy (truleyme)  
7.  style unveiled  8.  matchbook  9.  glamour and grace 10.inspired 
by this and more watercolor wedding inspiration 
here at pretty my party / Oh Lovely Day / inspired by this

1. buzzfeed  2. pinterest (Sheryl Luitjens)   3. deviant art   
4. google+  jukkaphan wongkanit  5. slingerville  6.  deviant art  
7.  buzzfeed  8. pinterest (uploaded by rachel rae)  9. pinterest 
(uploaded by rachel rae) 10. drake official 
(24 more watercolor tattoos on the site) / more here and here

More Sources For Watercolor Inspiration:

Craft Crush: DIY Felt Ball Coasters

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Over at Inspired by Charm, Michael feature the cutest DIY idea.  I was floored when I saw this.  So easy and swoon-worthy! 

Click on the images to check out the tutorial.

Check out Inspired by Charm for more crafty goodness!

Site I'm Sooo Lovin' This Week: Poppin.com

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So, upon sifting through one of my favorite sites, Brit + Co., I happened to notice a sister site called Poppin.com.  I fell in love and it made me wish I owned an office. 

Take a gander at what they offer or just head on over to the site I'm sooo lovin' this week:  Poppin.com

Click on image to shop by color:

I love their streemlined simple no-patterned style.

And you can mix and match items and create your own palettes.

They even have nifty freebie downloads for you to trick out your stapler and

scissors! And they have desk goodies from a dartboard to tiki-style desk fringe!

Can we say "Mahalo"?

On their freebie page they also offer printables like lunch notes

...and genuine fake certificates!  This one would be given to me:

One of my favorite features is their Design-a-desk option. It gives you twenty different colors & palettes to inspire you to be the next "Little Miss Organized"!

You need Adobe Flash Player to view this content.

If video won't play you can view it on YouTube here

Now that I have assisted in your source of your next office supplies, you may need a little inspiration with design and organization.  Click below to check out my Office and Craft Room Pinterest board:

Select Poppin Products are also available at

Fun Google Maps Project!

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So, here's a fun project that I thought of that makes for an interesting gift idea for the travel enthusiast friend.  I call it a Personalized Street Name Collage. It all started when I discovered this site:


This site is awesome. This dude (Steven Van Worley) spent 
months and months corrallingevery common first name he could 
think of ...over 10,000!... and collected them for you to navigate to. 
Just type your name in the box and it brings you to this:

Then you just have to zoom in on all of the towns, or you can click
on the pushpin at the top of the screen and it will direct you to a 
random city's spot with your street name.  Then you can drag the 
yellow "google guy" to street view so you can see the street signs.  

Another Cool feature is that your not limited to United States. (like
in the screenshot above). They go ALL over the world!!  You can 
see your name in anywhere from New York. to Australia, mate!
(...with some exceptions, though. In certain areas, they show the satellite map, 
but you don't have the option of  dragging the "Google guy" to the actual street yet.) 

These are just a few examples of where I am:

They don't give you a "save picture as..." or download option, so I
took screenshots (which is very handy if you have Picasa because
it's instant and you can edit immediately.)  Then you can straighten,
 crop, edit and create a collage in any photo editing site 
like PicMonkey. (see below)

I had a ball playing around with the site to say the least.  (But, I
must warn you...it is addicting!)  Then I thought I could do some-
thing with this!  My mom's name is Rhonda.  

New South Wales

So, right away I got nuts with the dragging and zooming and took 
screenshots off all the better signs I could find and created this:

Note: This is in smaller scale. The original is much more clear.

(It's a smaller scale of what I created so it's a little blurry, but you 
get the idea.)  Then I added numbers next to each circle and upon
sending it to her via email, I listed all the cities and states by number. 
(That was the exhausting part).  But the cool thing about taking 
screenshots, is that all the specs are on the screen so you can 
document what city and state it is before cropping.

I did this one below for my sister . She loved it!  Don't you just love
the variety of styles from different areas? I think this would be an 
awesome gift to blow up to 8x10 and frame!

Then if you can see at the bottom of the image, I typed where each
one is from in order.  This would be awesome if after finding out 
where all the names are from, you traveled to the places and took a 
photo of yourself by each one.  
Just an idea...not packing my bags just yet!

Now, here's what you can do if your desired name doesn't come up:
Go to Google Maps (click image)

Type the name in the search box and type a suffix like Lane, Street,
or Road, etc. You'll see names come up of several areas that have
streets with the same. (That's how I made the title image at the top 
of this post). Also, this project doens't have to include just street
signs.  You can also do names of places like resturaunts, stores,
and cafes, etc. I have something in mind that I'd like to do (secret
project! hee hee) and I will post it in the future. 

The site has recently been updated so it's much more advanced 
than it used to be so it is super easy to use.

...Plus, you'll be amazed at what you can find!

...ain't it, though?

note: "Awesome" street sign was not found on google maps. 
Click on image for link.

112 Shades of Inspiration

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Rainbow themed craft projects, goods, and inspiration to get you ready for

St. Patty's Day!

1.surprise rainbow party invitation: mr. printables  2. rainbow mobile: scrap, snap, blog, tweet  3. diy gumball machine party favor: tammy mitchell designs  4. free printable alphabet poster: my poppet 5. rainbow dot spiral mobile: etsy 6. crochet nested bowls: whey beyond the naked truth  7.  diy paper ornaments: field guide 35

1. sewing rainbows: childhood 101  2. crayon pebbles: munchkins & mayhem 3. sandpaper iron-on tees: alphamom 4. rainbow wind catchers: a pretty cool life  5. styrofoam rainbow prints: the chocolate muffin  6. salt and glue watercolor paintings: pink and green mama  7.  rainbow collage: art projects for kids

1. diy rainbow tie-dye shoes: i love to create  2. rainbow dance shoes: rainbow geeks (great blog if you love rainbows) 3. rainbow pumps: haute mimi  4. new balance rainbow running shoes: new balance 5. rainbow rain boots: momstrology  6. rainbow converse: random kalei via deviantart  7. rainbow converse: freshnessmag

1. don valley parkway, toronto: the star  2. big dipper roller coaster: shine little light    3. paint on windsheild prank: cheezburger  4. pantone hotel, belgium: pantone hotel  5. euroslide, toronto, canada: pinterest + toronto snaps for more photos  6. four-classroom kindergarten, paris: the cool hunter  7. rainbow ice cubes:happy hooligans

1. cloud pencil + eraser set: neatoshop 2. smart memo pad: wanelo 3. diy wrapped feather gel pens: idlewife  4. kid made modern by todd olham colored pencils: target 5. rainbow note book: suk uk  6. pixel colored pencils: diskursdisko  7. 8gb buddy chub rainbow usb flashdrive: fab

1. candy + marshmallow favor bags: griottes  2. rainbow veggie flatbread pizza: gimme some oven  3. bright fortune cookie favors: a subtle revelry 4. double rainbow quick pops: zoku  5. rainbow pepper on cheese quesadilla: bent on better lunches 6. rainbow waffles with whipped cream: tablespoon  7. rainbow doodle birthday cake: sweetapolita

1. hair chalking tutorial: trim magazine  2. butterfly hair pins: etsy (the honey comb)  3.  rainbow star headband: janine basil 4. diy nail polish painted bobby pins: club chica circle 5. more hair chalk inspiration: flikr  6. rainbow ribbon hair clip: etsy (sunflowers & daisies) 7. diy tissue paper party headband: studio diy

1. rainbow bikini: poshmark and pinterest 2. rainbow scarf: fowl single file 3. pixel tights: smosh and this next  4. rainbow wrist warmers: the adventures of mnms  5. ralph lauren tie-dye polo: lyst 6. popcicle tshirt: ffffound and pinterest   7. donald brooks wool striped jacket: leslie hindman

1. rainbow apholstered chairs: small shop studio 2. cantebury rainbow shag rug: overstock 3. color wheel wall clock: wanelo 4. rainbow colored vintage book set: etsy 5.  taped work table: elise blaha  6. knitted rainbow blanket: the purl bee 7.  rainbow flatware: macy's

1. colorful dollhouse mini display box: etsy  2. rainbow ribbon with cloud wand: momtastic 3. yo gabba gabba vans sneakers: skate and annoy 4. colorful building blocks: wanelo  5. diy rainbow dress: burdastyle  6. rainbow crocheted monkey cap: etsy 7. rainbow alphabet crayons: etsy

1. rainbow suspenders (mork & mindy): display costume   2. cheer bear: rainbow geeks 3. barbie hangers: etsy   4.  rainbow brite necklace: etsy   5. retro yellow rainbow roller skates: the hunt    6. sixties rainbow swimsuit: beauty is a warm gun   7.  rainbow brite doll and starlite horse: wyosparkles

1.  modern lumbar pillow: etsy    2. round floor pillow: etsy   3. scrappy rainbow pillow: punkin patterns    4.  striped rainbow cat pillow: etsy    5. pom pom pillow: flikr   6.  rainbow plushie: flikr    7. rainbow doxie pillow: pure home

1.  monogrammed rainbow drawstring favor bags: chicka bug   2. rainbow paint chip banner: babble   3. rainbow polka dot paper straws: small shop studio   4.  mutli heart rainbow wedding cake: the wedding chicks    5. rainbow strip backdrop: the flair exchange    6. yo gabba gabba birthday cake: flikr    7. rainbow stacked waffles: a subtle revelry

1. vintage square colored bangles: heirloom finds   2.  diy rainbow bangle: love u madly   3. source unknown   4. polymer clay rainbow cake earrings + ring set: deviantart   5. rainbow stud belt: overstock   6.  stacking toy necklace: fab   7. ice cream earrings: wanelo

1. three pears print: ffffound   2. colors art print mounted on wood: saftety pin designs   3. dance like no one is watching print: etsy   4. photo drips series: markus linnenbrink   5. diy rainbow car art: imagine our life   6. comic villian art: etsy   7. colorful love hearts map: etsy via wanelo

1. louis vuitton leather vertical striped bag: ebon gregory    2. rainbow cross-body clutch: amazon    3.  rainbow duct tape purse: etsy     4. gum wrapper purse: eco crafty   5. checkered rainbow backpack: amazon     6. rainbow striped beaded clutch: etsy   7. felted rainbow blotch clutch: etsy

Update:  I had to include this amazing web find!  On The Proper Pinwheel, they featured a chromatic typewriter, a conceptual art piece that punches color into the paper instead of letters.  I fell in love an had to feature it. Check it out.

more details here at studio e

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Link'n Log Roundup

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5 Online Snowflake Generators

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Click on Screenshots to go to Site.