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5 Online Snowflake Generators

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10 {Awesome} Pumpkin Projects

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 1. Lacy Pumpkin | BH&G
 2. Fall Tureen Topper | Martha Stewart
 3. Diamond Web & Spider | All Things Katie Marie
 4. Decorative Thumbtack Pumpkins | Crafts by Courtney
 5. Glitter Pumpkin DIY | Yesterday's Sweetheart
 6. DIY Ombre Pumpkin | Handmade Charlotte
 7. Owl Face Pumpkin | A Modern Dame
 8. Paper Pumpkin Candle Display | BH&G
 9. 2X4 Pumpkins | Alayna's Creations
10.Zebra Pumpkin | Vitamini Handmade

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Pin-up Gallery {Grandparents Day!}

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Here are my Pinteret finds for Grandparent's Day Crafts.

 1. Let your child's inner artist blossom with this Watercolor Resist Card 
 2. Let your child scribble to their hearts desire for this cute Sharpie bowl gift.
 3. Your child will feel like they're really there with them when they send this Hug Card.
 4. Footprints make the perfect heart shape. Just assemble in a frame for a 
   perfect gift.
 5. Make this easy Keepsake box with child's photo (or fill with rocks and 
   make it a paper weight.)
 6. Make a handprint coaster of your grandchild's hand for you...and you make 
   one of your hand for them
 7. include the whole family in this personalized family tree pillow
 8. Let Grandma and Grandpa know they are #1 with this unique surprise mug.
 9. These easy "Hug in the mail" hand prints are sure to bring tears.
10. They will treasure they're grandchild's one of a kind fingerprint pendant 
   everywhere they go. (Could also work as a key chain)
11. Embroider child's handprint, name and age and leave in hoop for 
   unique hanging artwork.
12. This keepsake will remind them of how small their hand print was when 
     Grandparents held their hand.
13. Create an accordion photo brag book for them to display on a shelf. 
14. Create this corsage for Grandma... made from felt cut outs of kids' hands.
15. These matchstick photo magnets will remind them of how big they're getting.
16. Your Scrabble-Loving grandparents will love this unique framed message 
   incorporating their favorite family game.
17. Using the first letter of child's name, decoupage their artwork for an instant 
   unique shelf keepsake.
18. Using saved envelopes from the letters from Granny, turn the postmark into 
   unique key chains.
19. This "Send-a-hug" idea will surely win a smile upon arrival at Grandma's!
20. Make photo magnets with flat-bottomed glass marbles.  Personalize some 
   by including their interests and inspirational quotes and words.


Paint Stick Flag Tutorial

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Paint Stick Flag

Show your true stripes – and stars – with this easy-to-make Americana flag. Kids will love the hands-on techniques; Mom will love the price tag!

size: 7-5/8"x12"


• Wooden items: 4" star cut-out, Loew Cornell™ Woodsies™ Wood Slat, paint stir sticks, seven

• Sawtooth hanger, 1"


• DecoArt® Americana® Acrylic Paints: Country Red, Uniform Blue, Warm White, Burnt Umber, Black

• DecoArt® Americana® Gel Stain Medium

• Adhesives: craft glue, glue gun

Basic Supplies

ruler, pencil, paintbrush, palette, painter's tape, sanding block, soft cloth


1 Measure four stir sticks and tape off at the halfway point with painter's tape.

2 Paint left side of each taped stick Uniform Blue; let dry. Apply second coat, if needed; let dry. Remove tape.

3 Paint star and one remaining stir stick Warm White. Paint two remaining stir sticks Country Red. Finish painting two half-blue stir sticks Warm White and two Country Red. Let dry completely.

4 Heavily sand edges of star and each stir stick to remove some of the paint.

5 For an antique effect, as shown in second photo, mix Gel Stain Medium and Burnt Umber paint according to product directions. Apply to painted wooden pieces with a brush and allow to sit for a few minutes. The longer the stain remains on the wood, the darker the antiquing will be. Remove excess stain with a clean, dry cloth.

6 Center sawtooth hanger at one short end of wood slat; attach with hot glue gun.

7 To assemble flag, apply a generous layer of craft glue over front of wood slat. Line up painted stir sticks facedown on work surface, using photo as placement guide. Press glued side of wood slat facedown onto center of stir sticks. Weight with heavy book, if needed, and let dry completely.

8 Use craft glue to attach star to center of blue field; let dry.

All info found on Crafts 'n Things

project by Meggan Maravich

10 {Awesome} Father's Day Projects!

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make and takes

martha stewart

The Light Garden

martha stewart

ziggity zoom


parent dish

oh my crafts


twinkle toes


Mix Tunes for Dad alphamom

Popsicle Stick Photo Puzzle impress your kids

Father’s Day Coupon Book Craft (Printable) krafty kid

Easy Father's Day Crafts for Kids to Make bh&g

Father's Day Bookmarks create:

Free Printable: Father's Day Scratch Off Card design dazzle

Father's Day Gifts pinterest

Father's Day Quotes and Cards martha stewart

Father's Day Roundup one pretty thing

Father’s Day Kid Crafts  multiply delicious

Personalized Barbeque Condiment Bottles amazing moms

Father's Day Cards Kids Can Make crafty crow

Altoid Tin Mini Toolboxes alphamom

Father's Day Free Printable a proffitable life

Father's Day Favorites cool kids

Snow Vase Tutorial

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This tutorial may be a little late for season but it's still
snowing somewhere right now!

Even so, I absolutely love this project.  More than anything, I love that it's simple and effective when completed.  The pic I took of the ones I made came out pretty lousy so I borrowed from Living with Lindsay.  You can go there for the tutorial or just see the bottom of this post for all the pics I took during the process.

Here's What You Need:

Each item above {except for the Mod Podge} came right from
Dollar Tree and was $1.00!  And there was enough
Epsom salt and glitter to make many more.

Step One:
Grab a bin and pour enough Epsom salt to fill about 1/2" of the bin

Step Two:
Shake a preferred color of glitter in {optional} and shake around.

Step Three:
Wash your vase.  The Mod Podge mixture will adhere to clean items better.

Step Four:
Using the foam brush, apply a thick coat of Mod Podge to bottom half of vase.  {I messed up the first time by not putting enough of this so make sure you apply pretty thick.

Step Five:
Dip vase in bin and roll around.  You may not get a thick enough coat on the vase so, at this point you can use your hands to pick up a handful and sift the salt on the vase or pack it like snow.

Thank you to Living With Lindsay for the
inspiration for this tutorial!

Other Blogs Posting Epsom Salt Projects:

Uses For Epsom Salt:

Make a Snowflake

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Make it Snow... Even in Florida!!

Better Homes & Gardens is featuring a Snowflake generator that you can make and send to your friends or post on Facebook. 
Here's a run through of how it works.

When you first open the site, you can click the "Get Started Now" button to create your own. or you can catch one that falls to view the previously posted snowflakes and read the messages they created with them.

They give you a "folded" piece of paper to cut with your mouse.  The more you cut, the more it changes.  If you can draw it with a mouse, it will show up times six on the snowflake... I warn you, it's addicting!

When you're done, it will first ask you to type your name, location and message {not shown} and then when posted, it will bring you to this screen so you can post it to Facebook or email it to your friends & family.

Finally, immediately after you click send {or No Thanks!}  it will bring you to this page to view your snowflake and read other posts.  It's really interesting to see what others have created. If you remember your snowflake number that they give you, you can look it up later at the bottom right hand corner of the screen. Just click on "Find a Flake".  My number is: 10034051 if you want to look it up.

After I created about four, I made one more so you can see how the message is displayed. Here's what mine said:

Here's my original... and my favorite!

Go now to BHG.com to make & send your own. 
Or go here for another version {link below}

Paper Pumpkin Tutorial

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Paper Pumpkin Display Tutorial

Michelle over at Alittletipsy.com has featured a very unique idea that is soooo easy and it only takes about 5 minutes! All she did was take a pumpkin shaped doilies that can be purchased at Dollartree and with a gluestick and green foiled-wire or ribbon, and made a nice little autumn centerpiece for next to nothing!...
That gives you a little extra to make that pumpkin dessert!

Head on over to her site to check out how her tutorial.

9 Best {Upcycled} Pumpkin Decorations

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Check out these links to great DIY projects

to get your home ready for Fall.



1.  Pumpkin Lanterns  Martha Stewart

2.  Dryer Vent Pumpkin Apples of Gold

3.  Pumpkin Drink Cooler  Wedding Bee

4.  Pumpkin Book Decoration Cheeky Magpie

5. Pretend Murcury Pumpkins All Things Heart & Home

6.  Pumpkin Picture Frames  Good Housekeeping

7.  Pumpkin Palm Print Craft  Woodland Kids

8.  T.P.  Pumpkin Decoration 

Chocolate on my CraniumFamily Fun

9.  House Number Pation Display  Sunset