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A Baker's Dozen ...and then some!

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June 6th is National Donut Day and you know how I roll.  When there is a silly interesting national holiday, I go all out to show you trends from awesome to zany to check out. Because besides Homer Simpson, who wouldn't want to don a blinding repeating pattern of America's favorite donut drowning in pink frosting and sprinkles on their sweatshirt?

I'll have you know, this post wasn't easy.  I couldn't refrain and this list could  not...I repeat: could NOT be titled "Baker's Dozen" alone.  Thirteen wouldn't have cut it. There was just so much to share with you.  They are sooo pretteee. And frankly, I have a stomachache from all the donut binging I have done for your viewing pleasure....  It was a sacrifice, I tell ya!

1.  Resin Donut Fridge Magnets - set of four $16.00 |  Etsy (CreaShines)

2.  Donut Patterned Crewneck Sweatshirt $29.95  |  Zumiez

3.  Crochet Donut Pin Cushion  |  Etsy (Cyrillas Crochet)

4.  Gigantic Donut Pool Float  $18.00  |  Fancy

5.  DIY Donut Pumpkins  |  Studio DIY

6.  Simpsons Donut Nails  |  YouTube (HalahAllyah) via Pinterest

7.  Paper Plate Donut Garland (Kids Project)  |  My Poppet

8.  DIY Donut Balloons  |  Studio DIY

9.  DIY Donut Doormat (Ikea Hack)  |  The House That Lars Built

10.  Paper Donut Gift Box (with free printable)  |  Minieco

11.  DIY Donut Pinata | Studio DIY

12.  Frosted Mini Donut Soap 6pk  $7.00 |  Etsy (Soapopatamus)

13.  Perler Bead Donut Coaster Set  |  Pop That Cassette

14.  Polymer Clay Donut Charm Bracelet  $27.00  |  Etsy (Zjakazumi)

15.  Donut Necklace $10.00 |  Etsy (OwlNest)

16.  Grreat Choice Donut Dog Chew Toy  |  Polyvore

17.  "Donut Worry, Eat Sprinkles" Print  |  Etsy (shoplemonfresh)

18.  Polymer Clay Donut Earrings  $25.00  |  Etsy (Nechegonadet)

19. DIY Donut Tire Prank  |  Studio DIY

20.  Hello Kitty Frosted Donut Key Cap  $5.99  |  Mod Cloth

Honorable Mentions:

Frosted Donut Puzzle  |  FoodBeast

Donut Sweatshirt  |  Nitrolicious

Donut Printable Gift Tag  |  Make Bake Celebrate

Ceramic Donut Coin Bank  |  Etsy  (ModClay)

DIY Felt Donuts  |  Try it. You Might Like it.

Crocheted Pink Frosted Donut  |  Loee. M.

DIY Ombre Powdered Donuts  |  Paper + Stitch

Adorable Donut Fine Art Print  |  Baby Friendly Boltholes / Belle & Boo

DIY Donut Floppy Sun Hat  |  Studio DIY

Super Sweet Donut Onesie Tutorial  | Hearts in Crafts

DIY Simple & Sweet Felt Donut Pillow  |  A Beautiful Mess

Psst...It's also National Yo-yo day, so if you're not a fan of donuts, you still have my permission to throw some confetti....Yay, Yo-yos!!

8 Links to Buzz About

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1.  I love this wall arrangement with keepsakes in plexi covered shadowboxes

2. These scary monster bookends could be a bookworm's bestie!

3.  Watching the drum-off with Will Ferrell and Chad Smith on Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon made my night!

4.  Here's what you miss when your face is stuck in a smartphone

5.  I love the idea of painting my grocery list!

6.  My new picture book Love Monster (a gift for my son) was a delightful read.

7.  DIY these adorable pine trees made out of a common kitchen staple!

8. One of the greatest songs of the 90's has been made into comic art.

8 Genius DIYs to Make Your Walls POP! (Part 1)

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Celebrate "Crayola Crayon" Day with 28 Crayon Crafts!

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(top photo project included in list, bottom photo source)

So I recently discovered through daysoftheyear.com, that March 31st is Crayola Crayon Day!  I figured it would make an awesome diy list to share to celebrate what originated 111 years ago!!  The creation of the magical, ageless crayon. Here's what the site had to say about it:

Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, Violet…no, we’re not talking about a rainbow, but rather just some of the 400 different shades of crayon colours Crayola has produced since 1903!  What a perfect opportunity to celebrate its bright and colourful addition to the world with Crayola Crayon Day!  Crayola began its life as a company when cousins Edwin Binney and C. Harold Smith took over a pigment business in 1885 that Edwin’s father owned. Since then, they have produced a core set of 120 crayon colours; but they have also come out with many unique sets; including metallic coloured crayons, gem tones colours,and even scented ones.  So, why not let your inner child out on Crayola Crayon Day? Find a colouring book and a box of Crayola crayons, and get to work? It’s a therapeutic and enjoyable way to pass some time, and you can even hang your finished picture on yourfridge when you’re done!

1. say yes  /  2. picklebums  /  3. little inspiration / also pieces of polly and flower patch farmgirl  /  4. idlewife  /  5. a faithful attempt  /  6. sorry source unknown - similar tutorial  7. pinterest (Christine Snyder)  /  8. crafty confessions  /  9. pieces of polly  10. ehow   /  11. crayola's pinterest board (they have tons of ideas)  12. home based mom   /  13. chic cheap nursery  /  14.  happy hooligans  /  15. totally tots  /  16.  crafts by amanda  and kinderdi  /  17.  crafts unleashed  /  18. under the sycamore  /  19. my frugal adventures / also mini-eco  and  let's explore  /  20. learn create love  /  21. itkupilli  /  22. spoonful  /  23. kix cereal  /   24. lines across and dollar store crafts  /  25.  special occasions   /  26.  wild olive and youtube (martingale)  /  27. one potato, two potato, three potato, four  /  28.  artful parent

Crayon Sorter |  my life of travels and adventures

Crayon Block |  ana white       |       3D Melted Crayon Art  |  squidoo

DIY Crayons Using Glue Stick Containers | kids activities blog

'On-The-Go' Travel Box Using Wipes Container | deal wise mommy

Melted Crayon Salt Dough Ornaments | the artful parent

Recycle a Soda Bottle to Store Crayons | create with mom

Painting With Melted Crayons | gathering beauty

Activities for Crayon Related Picture Books:

The Crayon Box That Talked | fun with firsties 

The Day The Crayons Quit | enchanted homeschooling mom

Harold and the Purple Crayon | dundee montessori

Note: My apologies to Crayola. While it uncertain which crayons were used in all 
of these tutorials, it is apparent that two of these projects were created with the 
use of a crayon brand that isn't. I can't speak for them but, I'm sure they send
out their apologies, too. :D

Link'n Log Roundup

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Click on a clipboard below to explore.



Pin-up Gallery Round up

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Your Portal to Previous Pin-up Galleries:

(Pin-up Galleries are compilations of images I fancied on Pinterest that are in a particular theme.)

Press the button below to explore the desired gallery.  (more to come)


Do you have suggestions for future Pin-up Gallery posts? Please leave your ideas in the comment section below and I will consider creating one.

5 Online Snowflake Generators

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Click on Screenshots to go to Site.

Link'n Log {Robots!}

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In honor of what Google calls "Geek Week" I decided to post this this week.  I'm not sure of the authenticity of "Geek Week" ...but I like the sound of it. 

If some of my followers haven't noticed by now, I've developed a series that I like to call Link'n Log.  It's a list of random links I find on the internet that I set to a theme to share with others. Check out my previous entries by looking for the link in the sidebar.  Anyway, that's what inspired me to name it "Link'n Log". It's a log of links.

{You may hold applause til the end of your viewing session.}

diy robot onesie / diy robot head / diy paper robot avent / diy crochet robot {pattern} / I heart robot cross stitch {pattern} / diy felt robot broach found on Pinterest / diy felt robot party drink toppers / diy C3P0 robot hands: diy stamped robot patterned tote bag

upcycled canvas robot sneakers / upcycled trash robots / upcycled robot printed pillowcases 

upcycled vintage materials robot

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youtube video: How to do the robot (part one)

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youtube video: How to do the robot (part two)

robot patterned tube socks  / robot knitted beanie  / rock 'em sock 'em robot tee  /

robot attack tee  / mighty robot pendant

ice cream cone robot party treats / robot cupcakes / "micro chips" party favor treat {for a "Space Invader" themed baby shower! / impressive robot cake birthday cake

blade runner fan art {link to image only but found on Google} / robot themed nail art: wall-e

inspired ensemble: transformers "draw something" game art

{btw while you're there, check out the other amazing 'robot' art!}

robot bookends / robot tea diffuser (+ 14 more impressively geeky robot accessories) / 
etched robot shot glass / robot attack tee (Yes, I know I listed this shirt 
in another category, don't judge me. LOL)



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download full album on itunes

Top row: The Robot Book by Heather Brown / A Clockwork Orange  by  Anthony Burgess
2nd row: Awesome by Jack Pendarvis / Robot Dreams by Isaac Asimov
Doug Unplugged by Dan Yaccarino
3rd row: The Search for WandLa by Tony DiTerlizzi / The Windup Girl by Paulo Bacigalupi
Andy Buckram's Tin Men by Carol Ryrie Brink
4th row: Robots, Robots Everywhere! by Sue Fliess
The Three Little Aliens and the Big Bad Robot by Margaret MacNamara
Robot Zot! by Jon Scieszka / 
Bottom: Hello, Robots by Bob Staake / Clink by Kelly DiPuccio / 
Boy + Bot by Ame Dyckman / Rusty Robot by Roger Priddy (Board Book)

10 Features I Wish Pinterest Would Grant Me...

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Though since their creation they have answered a number of requests, (Search within boards, repetitive pinning notice, and private boards, to name a few) I ask that the “Pinterest Gods” consider these ten wishes I have compiled.


Pinterest Wish #1: 

Pinning to multiple boards


Well, to make our lives easier.  But if that's not reason enough, it's a time saver, really. The feature would be as easy as looking up the first board to put it in, (like we do now) then the window could remain open so we could choose another if desired.  If we don't want to add anymore, we would click "done". 

Pinterest Wish #2: 

One-Touch Pinning


Because sometimes in life, our eyes are bigger than our stomachs...or, boards... I dunno... We're human, sometimes we live in excess. As it is presently, there is a new option to "Pin", "Send" or "Like" , right?  Well, it wouldn't have to be anything more than ONE button at the top of each image, to set to one board you decide to pin to until we change the setting.  Pinterest can figure out the specifics to make this happen, I'm certain.

Pinterest Wish #3: 

Listing Dates Images Were Pinned


Having the dates on the pins would help with organizing your  "Junk Drawer" so-to-speak.  Sometimes things just need to be tossed.  But mainly, I wish for this just to satisfy my curiousity of when I actually pinned it...that's all.

Pinterest Wish #4: 

Automatically Alphabetize Boards on Main Page


Like stated, I have a huge amount of boards!  So many, they won't let me have anymore... (another complaint)  Anyway, dragging and dropping takes so much effort that by the time I'd be done, Pinterest will have tweaked this little problem and my hair would be gone from frustration.

Pinterest Wish #5: 

Frequently Pinned Boards at Top When Pinning


When you pin, and pin, and ...well you get the idea, and you have a few that get the lucky pins in the board more than the others.  Scrolling down to each one gets a little redundant.  How about putting our three most frequent at the top of the alphabettically listed boards when pinning?

I recently discovered that the mobile app allows you to pin the the three most recent.  So, I gather it would be similar to that idea.

Pinterest Wish #6: 

Grouping Favorite Followed Pinners


I have a lot of pinners that I follow that I certainly am likely to be sharing tea and jam with if not in a Pinterest Universe.  I'd love to drop in with them and see what I have missed that may have dropped on the main Pinterest page.  Imagine...your own little Pin-tourage {Ha!} right in your nifty little geeky rolodex!

Pinterest Wish #7: 

Messaging a Pinner


This option is also known as: "It's no one's business what I have to say to a pinner!"  I really would love to drop a line to some pinners in the privacy of my own message box.  Wouldn't you love to claim BFF's with that one that also favors that one crazy board that your wild self talked you into creating? ...Or even just compliment that awesome collection of shoes they have hoarded?

Pinterest Wish #8: 

Personalizing Your Main Page or Board Page Background


Omg, could you just imagine the possibilities?... Ok so, simple gray is nice and minimalistic.  But what if we want to express ourselves outside the realm of the board covers?  The background could even stay the way it is. However, like facebook and twitter, there are ways to express our personalities with a possible banner at the top for our favorite quote, a celebrity... or that inspirational fake wedding escape that only exists in a dream world.

Pinterest Wish #9: 

Allowing Gifs to Animate {...When the Mouse Hovers}


Ok, some people may not agree with this one because of existing {...or possibly creating} slow computers, but I think gifs should animate.  Haven't you seen what happens to those poor things when we pin them if clicked at just the wrong point?  They look like Family at Thanksgiving dinner gone awry! 

But. alas! I have two options! {...hear me out.}  Option 1: The gif would animate when the mouse hovers over the image.  or Option 2: The gif would animate when clicked on and opens on new page.  {much like the videos that play when opened in new page now.}

Pinterest Wish #10: 

Let Me Pin When a Site Has No Images


Well, the reason this bothers me is because sometimes I want to pin an article to save for later reading, and inconveniently there are no images to pin.  I know this may seem like it's defeating the purpose of pinning images, but  I don't believe that is the only use for Pinterest.  It was created to "Pin" items that inspire us or that we want to share with others in hopes of inspiring them.  Whether it be a future wedding, colors that move us, how we stay fit, or our favorite artists or musicians.  But sometimes what inspires us can be in the text that we read.

LiNK'N LoG {Vintage}

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Vintage Book Page Coasters {recycled sewing}

Framed Viewmaster Print {etsy $4.50 unframed}

"The Good Wife Guide" {amazon $9.95}

{click image to enlarge}

Perfect Tuna Casserole Recipe {the sister project}

Free French Vintage Lemonade Printable Labels {i do it yourself} 

Upcycled Vintage Office Organizer From Dish Rack {robomargo}

{plus many other repurposing projects on their page}

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1940's Vintage Makeup Tutorial {you tube}

5 Awesome ways to make your walls POP!... on a budget {Part 4}

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5 Awesome ways to make your

walls POP!... on a budget

{Part Four}

Are you stuck in a decorating rut when it comes to your walls?  Are they totally boring?  Well you'd be amazed at how you can take care of that issue without spending too much or even leaving your house! You can recycle what you already have or just purchase a few items to create them.

Read on in the fourth of many installments for some tips on how you can make those walls pop for very little effort or money.

Alphabet photographs are a {semi} new concept in home decor.  There are several versions of this type of site, but the one listed below {the most popular} is from Sticksandstones.com

This waaayy easy site lets you choose the letters from their gallery of many versions of the alphabet and you can choose which combo to have framed.  Keep in mind that this is a project you can take on yourself by simply grabbing your camera and venturing out into the world looking for beautiful architecture.  Turn your head when you see a handle and it turns into a letter "L"!  Have fun with it.

sticks and stones

This is a unique and upcycled project involving various colorful rolled magazine pages.  This site:  Recyclart.org features several projects so awesome, you'll be ravaging in your garage for days on a hunt for enough materials to create a whole room.  {everything but the kitchen sink!}


This tutorial from Country Living shows you how to think outside the...uh...silverware drawer {well technically it's plastic-ware!} and create a stunning eye-catching mirror. 

country living

What a "tube"ular idea! Head over to Readymade {top photo} & DIYgadgets {bottom photo} to check out there idea of funky storage.  Way to stick to a budget, guys! While diygadgets features no link or credit on their site, You can catch a tutorial on readymade's website here.

above readymade

below diy gadgets

Ocean lovers will appreciate this crafty mirror idea.  It brings a lot of texture and interest to a rustic nautical decor.  Check out the tutorial at aol's DIY Life.

diy life

Wanna catch the rest of the list?

Click on these three post-its for the other three

installments of the series.


LiNK'N LoG {002}

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Pink Petal Pinata      {Inchmark}

& Martha has a tutorial too!

Handmade Magenta Paper Quilled Earrings     {Etsy}

Mini Babybel Cheese Girls     {Cute Food For Kids}

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Aging Jeans With Coffee & Other Household Items {YouTube}

"I Love You More" Card Sets   {Gilah Press}

Seven Simple Rules for How to Take a Nap     {Divine Caroline}


Lots of Free Downloadable Forms   {Buttoned Up}

Painted Chevron Earrings   {Craft-O-Matic}

Decorating With... {Pink}

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Decorating With Pink!

1. Chic Modern Home Office Country Living

2. Modern Office Decodir

3. Light & Clean Bedroom Decor Pad

4. Chic Striped Bedroom Decor Pad

5. Modern Fuchsia Bedroom Decodir

6. Edgy Modern Bedroom Best Furniture Shop

7. Baby Pink & White Laundry Space VisualizeUs

8. Pink & Orange Flor Tiles Casa Sugar

9.  Vintage-Glam Inspired Livingroom Decor Pad

10. Modern Floral Living Room ehomee

11. Comfy Clean & Country Country Living

12. Chic Fuchsia Apartment Decodir

13. Lexie's Zebra Inspired Teen Room Inter1or

14. Minimalist Pink, White & Black Bedroom  Decor Pad

15. Designer's Fashion Domain Beauty in Everything

16. Vintage Inspired Nursery Beauty in Everything

17. Pop-Mod Fuchsia Nursery Decor Pad

18. Modern Floral Nursery Decor Pad

19. Futuristic Pink & Silver Bathroom DigsDigs

20. Shabby Chic Vintage Craft Room Beauty in Everything

21. Circle-Inspired Child's Bedroom DigsDigs

22. Striped Wallpaper Laundry Area Decor Pad

23. Pink Kitchen Cabinets Beautiful Kitchens

24. 50's Retro Dining Area Beauty in Everything

25. Pink Spiral Staircase Casa Sugar

Link'n Log... {001}

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Link Roundup for December:

Drawstring Bag Tutorial Chica & Joe

"Blank Faces" Printable Gift Tags Martha Stewart

Roundup of 2011 Calendar Printables Tip Nut

Peppermint Projects Craft Gossip

How to Make Dog Toys ehow

DIY Modern Art Plates CraftJr

Turn Your Kid's Artwork Into Gifts Newsday

DIY Shadow Puppet Theatre Giver's Log

DIY Snow Drift Candle Holders Living With Lindsay

Upcyled Snowflake Mirror Make and Takes

How to get rid of puffy eyes (video) bella sugar

How to Make a TP Tube Octopus {below}

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Fortune Bandages Incredible things

100 Inspiring Gift Ideas Home Life

"How Was Your Day?" Life Calendar  Etsy

Mad Men: The Illustrated World amc

Mad Men DVD Seasons 1-3 amc

Chalkboard Speech Bubble Prop Photojojo

"Wire Stay" Cord Organizer Mocket

Smoldering Hues Ruffle Shower Curtain Anthropologie

100 Extraordinary Examples of Paper Art Web Designer Depot

The Importance of Water Polka Dot Lane

How to Stay Healthy This Season ...or so she says

EtsyKids Etsy Kids

DIY Spa Treatments Fitness.com

Choose Happiness Inspiration Saying Images

Snowflake Sugar Cookies Jacki's Cooking Adventures

Cat in the Hat Cupcakes The Cupcake Blog

Think Outside The Candy Cane Vocal Point

Oreo Snowman Pops The Idea Room

Cinnamon Bun Pops From Glitter to Gumdrops