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Honeycomb...In The Home

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1.  Etsy (Asymmetree Design)  /  2.  Etsy (WhiteNest)  /  3. Etsy  (LittleTeaWagon)  /  4. Dot and Bo  /  5.  My Sister's Suitcase  /  6.  Feathers of Gold (DIY)  /  7.  Wanelo  /  8.  Curious Reserve  /  9.  Target  /  10. Project from the book "Everyday Handmade"  via Martingale  / 11.  Clever Spaces  /  12.  Jade and Fern  /  13.  ex-t  /  14.  Society 6   /  15.   O Living  /  16.  Cibone   /  17.  Aspect Ideas  18.  West Elm  /  19.  Urban Outfitters  /  20.  Etsy  (Sharmilaw)

10 {Awesome} Pumpkin Projects

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 1. Lacy Pumpkin | BH&G
 2. Fall Tureen Topper | Martha Stewart
 3. Diamond Web & Spider | All Things Katie Marie
 4. Decorative Thumbtack Pumpkins | Crafts by Courtney
 5. Glitter Pumpkin DIY | Yesterday's Sweetheart
 6. DIY Ombre Pumpkin | Handmade Charlotte
 7. Owl Face Pumpkin | A Modern Dame
 8. Paper Pumpkin Candle Display | BH&G
 9. 2X4 Pumpkins | Alayna's Creations
10.Zebra Pumpkin | Vitamini Handmade

Click Below to Check Out My Holiday Crafts 
Board in Pinterst For More Fall Decor Ideas!

Paint Stick Flag Tutorial

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Paint Stick Flag

Show your true stripes – and stars – with this easy-to-make Americana flag. Kids will love the hands-on techniques; Mom will love the price tag!

size: 7-5/8"x12"


• Wooden items: 4" star cut-out, Loew Cornell™ Woodsies™ Wood Slat, paint stir sticks, seven

• Sawtooth hanger, 1"


• DecoArt® Americana® Acrylic Paints: Country Red, Uniform Blue, Warm White, Burnt Umber, Black

• DecoArt® Americana® Gel Stain Medium

• Adhesives: craft glue, glue gun

Basic Supplies

ruler, pencil, paintbrush, palette, painter's tape, sanding block, soft cloth


1 Measure four stir sticks and tape off at the halfway point with painter's tape.

2 Paint left side of each taped stick Uniform Blue; let dry. Apply second coat, if needed; let dry. Remove tape.

3 Paint star and one remaining stir stick Warm White. Paint two remaining stir sticks Country Red. Finish painting two half-blue stir sticks Warm White and two Country Red. Let dry completely.

4 Heavily sand edges of star and each stir stick to remove some of the paint.

5 For an antique effect, as shown in second photo, mix Gel Stain Medium and Burnt Umber paint according to product directions. Apply to painted wooden pieces with a brush and allow to sit for a few minutes. The longer the stain remains on the wood, the darker the antiquing will be. Remove excess stain with a clean, dry cloth.

6 Center sawtooth hanger at one short end of wood slat; attach with hot glue gun.

7 To assemble flag, apply a generous layer of craft glue over front of wood slat. Line up painted stir sticks facedown on work surface, using photo as placement guide. Press glued side of wood slat facedown onto center of stir sticks. Weight with heavy book, if needed, and let dry completely.

8 Use craft glue to attach star to center of blue field; let dry.

All info found on Crafts 'n Things

project by Meggan Maravich

5 Awesome ways to make your walls POP!... on a budget {Part 4}

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5 Awesome ways to make your

walls POP!... on a budget

{Part Four}

Are you stuck in a decorating rut when it comes to your walls?  Are they totally boring?  Well you'd be amazed at how you can take care of that issue without spending too much or even leaving your house! You can recycle what you already have or just purchase a few items to create them.

Read on in the fourth of many installments for some tips on how you can make those walls pop for very little effort or money.

Alphabet photographs are a {semi} new concept in home decor.  There are several versions of this type of site, but the one listed below {the most popular} is from Sticksandstones.com

This waaayy easy site lets you choose the letters from their gallery of many versions of the alphabet and you can choose which combo to have framed.  Keep in mind that this is a project you can take on yourself by simply grabbing your camera and venturing out into the world looking for beautiful architecture.  Turn your head when you see a handle and it turns into a letter "L"!  Have fun with it.

sticks and stones

This is a unique and upcycled project involving various colorful rolled magazine pages.  This site:  Recyclart.org features several projects so awesome, you'll be ravaging in your garage for days on a hunt for enough materials to create a whole room.  {everything but the kitchen sink!}


This tutorial from Country Living shows you how to think outside the...uh...silverware drawer {well technically it's plastic-ware!} and create a stunning eye-catching mirror. 

country living

What a "tube"ular idea! Head over to Readymade {top photo} & DIYgadgets {bottom photo} to check out there idea of funky storage.  Way to stick to a budget, guys! While diygadgets features no link or credit on their site, You can catch a tutorial on readymade's website here.

above readymade

below diy gadgets

Ocean lovers will appreciate this crafty mirror idea.  It brings a lot of texture and interest to a rustic nautical decor.  Check out the tutorial at aol's DIY Life.

diy life

Wanna catch the rest of the list?

Click on these three post-its for the other three

installments of the series.


Driftwood Lamp {Tutorial}

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Soooo, cruising the internet recently and stumbled upon this awesome lamp on Sweet Something Designs.  You have to see how utterly easy this project is.

But Michelle makes it look so expensive!

Twenty minutes later she came up with her winning design inspired by the remnants of a Valentines trip to Table Rock Lake.  She compared it to that of a pricey one from Currey & Company at a whopping $326. Way to go, Michelle!

Her materials used were:

Lamp {w/ skinny base}

Floral Wire

Check out her site for other projects:

Sweet Something Desgns

Snow Vase Tutorial

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This tutorial may be a little late for season but it's still
snowing somewhere right now!

Even so, I absolutely love this project.  More than anything, I love that it's simple and effective when completed.  The pic I took of the ones I made came out pretty lousy so I borrowed from Living with Lindsay.  You can go there for the tutorial or just see the bottom of this post for all the pics I took during the process.

Here's What You Need:

Each item above {except for the Mod Podge} came right from
Dollar Tree and was $1.00!  And there was enough
Epsom salt and glitter to make many more.

Step One:
Grab a bin and pour enough Epsom salt to fill about 1/2" of the bin

Step Two:
Shake a preferred color of glitter in {optional} and shake around.

Step Three:
Wash your vase.  The Mod Podge mixture will adhere to clean items better.

Step Four:
Using the foam brush, apply a thick coat of Mod Podge to bottom half of vase.  {I messed up the first time by not putting enough of this so make sure you apply pretty thick.

Step Five:
Dip vase in bin and roll around.  You may not get a thick enough coat on the vase so, at this point you can use your hands to pick up a handful and sift the salt on the vase or pack it like snow.

Thank you to Living With Lindsay for the
inspiration for this tutorial!

Other Blogs Posting Epsom Salt Projects:

Uses For Epsom Salt:

Decorating With... {Pink}

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Decorating With Pink!

1. Chic Modern Home Office Country Living

2. Modern Office Decodir

3. Light & Clean Bedroom Decor Pad

4. Chic Striped Bedroom Decor Pad

5. Modern Fuchsia Bedroom Decodir

6. Edgy Modern Bedroom Best Furniture Shop

7. Baby Pink & White Laundry Space VisualizeUs

8. Pink & Orange Flor Tiles Casa Sugar

9.  Vintage-Glam Inspired Livingroom Decor Pad

10. Modern Floral Living Room ehomee

11. Comfy Clean & Country Country Living

12. Chic Fuchsia Apartment Decodir

13. Lexie's Zebra Inspired Teen Room Inter1or

14. Minimalist Pink, White & Black Bedroom  Decor Pad

15. Designer's Fashion Domain Beauty in Everything

16. Vintage Inspired Nursery Beauty in Everything

17. Pop-Mod Fuchsia Nursery Decor Pad

18. Modern Floral Nursery Decor Pad

19. Futuristic Pink & Silver Bathroom DigsDigs

20. Shabby Chic Vintage Craft Room Beauty in Everything

21. Circle-Inspired Child's Bedroom DigsDigs

22. Striped Wallpaper Laundry Area Decor Pad

23. Pink Kitchen Cabinets Beautiful Kitchens

24. 50's Retro Dining Area Beauty in Everything

25. Pink Spiral Staircase Casa Sugar

Wall Cube Re-Fab-ulous!

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Wall Cube Re-Fab-ulous Tutorial

This is a tutorial for a wall cube I purchased on clearance, years ago and never did anything with.  So, as happens to everyone else,  It sat in my garage collecting dust bunnies and got dirty and inches away from

being thrown out.

I was like... "Hold up!... What am I doing?"

This grungy cube obviously had potential of having a better life.  

So I improvised and it manifested into something fabulous.

Step One:

Say goodbye to ugly white-wash cube ugliness.   I tried to figure out what color the cube was going to be and came up with gray and orange since those colors were in my living room's color scheme. 

I acquired this amazing orange leather IKEA sofa through
my sister and my days began to look sunny. 
That was a wonderful addition to my home!

And I added this IKEA throw pillow:

Step Two & Three:

I grabbed my cheap-o, Walmart gray acrylic paint and painted the cube's outside and front with two layers.  {Believe it or not, I forgot to spray it with a glossy clear-coat at this point which would've made it look a heck-of-a-lot better, but I will probably do this at a later date.}

Step Four:

I then painted the inside shelf wall with black.

Step Five - Seven:

I masked off the front part and used a good jumbo marker and finished off the edge so it had a clean transition between the inside wall and the front area.

Step Eight:

I didn't want the wall to be the back of the cube so I decided to put shiny orange vinyl.  I measured the back of the cube and added about 1/4" so the rigged up backboard would attach well.

Step Nine - Twelve:

Using the cardboard material that is usually on the back of a legal pad, I cut it to the measurements and mounted it to the back of the orange vinyl contact paper.  Then I cut to size with an exacto-knife.  When doing this part I grabbed a credit card and smoothed out the air bubbles in the contact paper.

Step Thirteen - Fourteen:

Using the board, I placed it on the back {not mounting yet} and marked where the notches should go allowing me to hang the finished piece. Then using scissors I cut out the notch.

Step Fifteen:

Using common craft glue, I mounted the board to the back {orange side in} and taped the seam to the cube.  Then grabbed my exacto-knife and trimmed the excess off about 1/8" from the edge of the cube.

Step Sixteen:

And lastly, using the exacto-knife again, I trimmed away the tape from the hanging holes.

Then I hung my re-fab-u-lous wall cube in shear joy!

Burlap & Wire Lamp Re-vamp

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Once upon a time, I was having a

"Tim-Gunn-Make-it-Work" moment {see video at bottom}

with a cylinder-shaped tabletop lamp I was fussing over.  I was thinking it was destined for the circular file for sure.  I didn't quite know what to do with it as it was not complimentary with the house any longer. {sorry, no 'before' pic} It was a color that had expired with me and had a base that wasn't necessary so I grabbed a pendant kit that I once used for a rice paper lamp that tore.Then I went rummaging through

my fabric box and went to town. 



All you need is:

Lamp Shade

Pendant Lamp Kit

{Ikea... dirt cheap!}

A little bit of burlap


Coiled wire or Floral Wire

{desired gauge}

Wire Cutters

Glue Gun or Spray Adhesive



Step One:

My lamp shade had twine of complimentary colors wrapped around it so I stripped it down {cue burlesque music} to the shade base. 

If you have a traditional lamp shade then you will start with that.  However, this step is just as easy as purchasing a shade at a thrift

store or finding one in your garage... {you know? The one you wore it on your head at that unforgettable party?}


Step Two:

Using the shade as a guide, roll it onto the burlap and cut to the desired size.  It's ok if it frays.  That's the beauty of the burlap.  It comes with it's imperfections.  You may even want to do this on purpose.  If so, take the scissors and play with the edges by snipping haphazardly to give it a natural look.  Or just ruffle it up with your fingers.

You can do this before gluing or after.


Step Three:

Using glue gun, apply a line of glue lengthwise on one side of the shade and lay down the starting edge of the burlap and wrap around all the way and apply hot glue again at the end to finish.  Instead of hot glue, you may want to use spray-adhesive and just roll the shade up into the burlap. 


Step Four:

Start wrapping the heck out of the wire and don't be to cute or try to be perfect because again, it is supposed to be rustic.  When the wire ends at your desired point, snip it off and loop the end piece around some of the coiled wire so it doesn't come loose.  I liked that because it was packaged round, when I was coiling it, it kinked sometimes. 

This gave it more of a abstract rustic look.



You are not limited to the materials listed here.  Instead of burlap you can use any fabric.  {Keeping special attention to the heat of the bulb in relation to the type of fabric for safety precautions}  Instead of wire you can wrap anything you want. 


Good Luck and Have Fun!


Just for fun, I thought I'd add a video of a classic scene on season 2 of one of my favorite shows, "Project Runway".  Designer Santino Rice does an impression of Tim Gunn...flawlessly, I might add.  Check it out. 

If you're a fan, you'll crack up. And If not, well... you need to be. 

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You can catch "Project Runway" Season 8, Thursday nights at 9:00p on Lifetime.

How To Make a Bathmat out of Towels

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image via curbly.com

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These 5 {Designers} make me {Inspired}.

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I created a new segment called: "These  {blank}..." 

They'll feature several emotions determined by specific themes. In no random order. 

(yikes...that's really hard for me!)


The theme for this installment is:





1. Jonathan Adler

{no relation to Grace...lol}

Where you can find him? Top Design on Bravo 

(Check for listings for next season)



                {image: JonathanAdler.com}


{image: ontheinside}



2. Kim Myles

{HGTV's Myles of Style}

Where you can find her? On her show "Myles of Style" on HGTV 

Check your local listings. Here's the show index




3. Todd Oldham

Where you can find him? Hosting (along with Adler)

Top Design on Bravo and his blog

You may remember when he hosted "House of Style"

on MTV from 1989-1996.  That was when I discovered his "upcycle" style.

And I love his use of wood grain in decor.



{Image: ToddOldham.com}


{image: casasugar}


4. Philippe Starck

You can visit starck.com to see his work

I discovered his amazing design when

he featured his work in Target.

I liked that he worked with a lot of white.

I love white.





5. Todd Davis

{Runner up on Season one of Design Star on HGTV}

I have to say as much as I looove the winner, Kim Myles,

It was a very close race.  Kim certainly proved herself worthy

with the show she was granted but to turn the clocks

back and to see what Todd couldve produced... let's just say

with that talent I witnessed,

I wouldn't have missed a single episode!





5 awesome ways to make your walls POP! ... on a budget (Part 2)

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{ Part two of this series.}


5 Awesome ways to make your

walls POP!... on a budget

Are you stuck in a decorating rut when it comes to your walls?  Are they totally boring?  Well you'd be amazed at how you can take care of that issue without spending too much or even leaving your house! You can recycle what you already

have or just purchase a few items to create them.

Read on in the first of many installments for some tips on how

you can make those walls pop for very little effort or money.



1. Framing Children's Illustrated Book Pages



Ok ok... you know for a fact that you owned and read at least 6 of these classics above.  I had Cinderella, Snow White, and I know I breezed Lady & The Tramp.   

I've actually done this project for my own house with something a little more modern and trippy.  I used "Oopsy-Daisy's Very Bad Day"  The pages look like that of a crazy dream or an Alice in Wonderland sequel.  All I did was use 3 square silver metal frames I found at a thrift store and got mats cut to size.




2. Framing Address Book Pages


These days when I pass the address book section, I no longer care about filling the pages with all my contacts... I mean for crying out loud, Everyone and their mother has a cell phone now.  So when I look at address books, I think, "Ooh, pretty pictures!"  It's like a poster book but with lines for friends names and phone numbers you'll never use.



          (front view)                                                             (inside view)



3.  Printing Mosaic Poster from BLOCKPOSTERS.COM


Blockposters.com is a free banner generating site that lets you upload a picture and print them out at a block at a time.  When you look real close at one of the pages you print, the image is extremely unrecognizable, but as a poster you see a beautiful collage of awesome!  This mural producing site is the next best thing to actually buying a full size poster at crazy prices.   The only thing that you have to purchase is extra ink when it runs out and with Walgreens refill service, that's even better at $10-15 a pop!






4. Stretching Fabric Over Stretcher Bars


Purchasing Fabric from a fabric store doesn't have to be pricey just look

at the discount bins. Get cordinating fabric to vary the style. 

Another way to get fabric is to use bed sheets or if your doing small canvas stretches, you can use old t-shirts with your favorite bands or funny sayings.

Check these out from BustedTees.com




You may think that to do this, you have to buy canvas bars from a frame shop, (and if you can afford this thats the best way to get the size you prefer) but all you have to do is purhase an existing oil painting from a thrift store and remove the bars. {voila} 

"One man's trash is another man's treasure!"





5.  Hanging Clothed Dress Forms


For the fashionista in you... You can purchase dress forms to sit on the floor or dress form torsos like these to hang on your wall at ebay.com

{link via HGTV.com}


buystoreshelving.com $13.00}


...stay tuned for the next 5!

What a "Grate" Idea...

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Do it yourself featured a cool idea on their site this month.  They purchased an iron grate from a flea market and repurposed it into a mail holder.  One of those hit-yourself-in-the-forehead moments where you say...omg!

Why didn't I think of that?

You can tell your friends you thought of the idea... [whispers] ...Your secret's safe with me.


5 awesome ways to make your walls POP! ... on a budget (Part 1)

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Are you stuck in a decorating rut when it comes to your walls?  Are they totally boring?  Well you'd be amazed at how you can take care of that issue without spending too much or even leaving your house! Read on in the first of many installments for some tips on how you can make those walls pop for very little effort or money.


1. Calendar Pages


Calendar pages are the best way to add a series of images from the same artist or style.   These days they come in soooo many varieties.  At this time of year, your actually crazy not to shop for a few sets because they're on clearance at bookstores like Barnes&Noble, Borders, or your local mall kiosk.  You may even find them on Calendars.com but wait for sales because I just checked today and

they're not on clearance yet.

You can frame them in inexpensive 11x14 readymade frames 

with mats or hang them as is.



2. Using Chalkboard Paint


Chalkboard paint... so nostalgic!  It allows the freedom we had in fifth grade when the cool teacher let us write on the board.  The thought of the freedom to express

so-and-so loves so-and-so.  or "GO ...(insert football team here)" 



$14.93  at Target


Also comes in spray can at Krylon.com


3. Using Magnetic Paint

also available at builderdepot.com (and click here for more stores)


Bonus:  FYI There also is magnetic chalkboard paint,

dry-erase paint, & glow-in-the-dark paint all from Rustoleum


4. Framing Scrapbook Pages

above: Over at aliedwards she used these cool ikea frames that come with mats!



or alone without mats in square frames

(psst... you can use record album frames!  They are also conveniently 12'' x 12'')


You can find this style by me & my big ideas (pic above) at michaels.com by best styles at makingmemories.com or twopeasinabucket.com


5. Framing School Folders

School folders or file folders or stationary are one those unconventional items that are so cheap to frame it's not even funny.  You can frame them as is (8 1/2 X 11 frames) or put them in larger frames (16 X 20) with mats.  Of course, it's best to purchase these either in August when everything's on sale or after school has begun when everything goes on clearance.  If you're a hello-kitty-lovin-fun-silly-heart  kinda person, you can get character sets of 3 or 4 depending on where you go.  Kids are always shopping for what's in at the time, so search a few places for good series. They also have polka-dots (above from notebound.com) and you can find organic or traditional styles at book stores like barnes & noble or borders.