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20 Dad-tastic Father's Day Printables

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(she also has a grandpa version)

(link directs you to download, site unknown)

(recipe for chocolate-walnut fudge bars are also on site)

Honorable Mentions:

16.  Father's Day Superhero Printable Set   |  via kiki + company

17.  "From Great Oaks..." Latin Proverb Printable  |  via the creative paige

18.  Kids With Father's Day Signs Printable Set (set includes cards, tags, flags, invites, thank you notes, and more!)  |  via catch my party!

19.  "All About My Dad" Printable  |  via Malia Karlinsky on Flikr

20.  Printable Tie to Design For Dad to Wear! (this is a valentine post but could definitely work for Father's day.  |  via my creative way

Dear Mom...

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Happy Mother's Day!

I searched high and low for a Mother's Day Poem or awesome "oooh, this is a good one" mom quote, but to no avail.  Well, yes, I found some but ones that sounded like the rest and didn't quite say what I was feeling.  I wanted to wish everyone a Happy Mother's Day and was disappointed when I thought I wouldn't find something good enough to post.  Then I found this: 

Mom, if you are reading this, I want you to know.

No frills.  No pink. No lace trim.  No fancy scroll work.  No strategically placed roses on the corners in groups of threes.  No script typography or caligraphy.  No tear-jerking lineup of what a mother is or means.  No soft filtered image of a mother embracing her child as they kick sand at the beach....

Just simply...I love you.

Dear Mom, I love you.  Thank you for you.

from left to right: my older sister, Michelle, 
my mom, and me - April 1978

8 Genius DIYs to Make Your Walls POP! (Part 1)

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Free 2014 Printable Calendar Pages

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Ok, I know we are more than halfway through the fourth month of the year, but in hopes of just making you swoon, Look at how utterly adorable these printable calendars are from web designer, Angela over at Hello Cuteness.

I love anything Kawaii and when I came across this bloggers site, I almost died!  As if the name Hello Cuteness isn't enough to don it's own set of dimples, the site's overall aesthetic brings on a feeling equal to diving head first into a huge ball pit....no, really. I mean, will you just look at this robot?

Here is just a preview of some of the months:

(Click on images to go to list of calendar downloads)

You can also get a free full page "Year at a Glance" calendar too:

(Click on image below to go to download page)

Click on the button below to go to Hello Cuteness, and check out all her printables, and services.

Fun Google Maps Project!

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So, here's a fun project that I thought of that makes for an interesting gift idea for the travel enthusiast friend.  I call it a Personalized Street Name Collage. It all started when I discovered this site:


This site is awesome. This dude (Steven Van Worley) spent 
months and months corrallingevery common first name he could 
think of ...over 10,000!... and collected them for you to navigate to. 
Just type your name in the box and it brings you to this:

Then you just have to zoom in on all of the towns, or you can click
on the pushpin at the top of the screen and it will direct you to a 
random city's spot with your street name.  Then you can drag the 
yellow "google guy" to street view so you can see the street signs.  

Another Cool feature is that your not limited to United States. (like
in the screenshot above). They go ALL over the world!!  You can 
see your name in anywhere from New York. to Australia, mate!
(...with some exceptions, though. In certain areas, they show the satellite map, 
but you don't have the option of  dragging the "Google guy" to the actual street yet.) 

These are just a few examples of where I am:

They don't give you a "save picture as..." or download option, so I
took screenshots (which is very handy if you have Picasa because
it's instant and you can edit immediately.)  Then you can straighten,
 crop, edit and create a collage in any photo editing site 
like PicMonkey. (see below)

I had a ball playing around with the site to say the least.  (But, I
must warn you...it is addicting!)  Then I thought I could do some-
thing with this!  My mom's name is Rhonda.  

New South Wales

So, right away I got nuts with the dragging and zooming and took 
screenshots off all the better signs I could find and created this:

Note: This is in smaller scale. The original is much more clear.

(It's a smaller scale of what I created so it's a little blurry, but you 
get the idea.)  Then I added numbers next to each circle and upon
sending it to her via email, I listed all the cities and states by number. 
(That was the exhausting part).  But the cool thing about taking 
screenshots, is that all the specs are on the screen so you can 
document what city and state it is before cropping.

I did this one below for my sister . She loved it!  Don't you just love
the variety of styles from different areas? I think this would be an 
awesome gift to blow up to 8x10 and frame!

Then if you can see at the bottom of the image, I typed where each
one is from in order.  This would be awesome if after finding out 
where all the names are from, you traveled to the places and took a 
photo of yourself by each one.  
Just an idea...not packing my bags just yet!

Now, here's what you can do if your desired name doesn't come up:
Go to Google Maps (click image)

Type the name in the search box and type a suffix like Lane, Street,
or Road, etc. You'll see names come up of several areas that have
streets with the same. (That's how I made the title image at the top 
of this post). Also, this project doens't have to include just street
signs.  You can also do names of places like resturaunts, stores,
and cafes, etc. I have something in mind that I'd like to do (secret
project! hee hee) and I will post it in the future. 

The site has recently been updated so it's much more advanced 
than it used to be so it is super easy to use.

...Plus, you'll be amazed at what you can find!

...ain't it, though?

note: "Awesome" street sign was not found on google maps. 
Click on image for link.

Quote (Blessed Are Those...}

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Quote found in Real Simple Magazine (print edition) 
Quoted from English writer  Elizabeth Bibesco
Edited on Picasa  |  Font used: soymilk  |  Image from Zuneboards

Impress Using Pic Monkey {Part 1}

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So as everyone on the planet is aware of, Picnik.com is no more. And we miss it so. But the show must go on.  And a team came together {not sure if affiliated with Picnik's people} and created a site strangely similar.  If not better in some aspects but not as awesome in other. {But we won't pout!}

I wanted to talk about and show you how you can create a simple, yet impressive, photo collage.  Now, I don't claim to be a pro or anything. I just like to play around with photo editing and see what I can do. 

So I took my son's photos fresh out of the bath and wanted to do something unique with it.  Alas, the collage!  I'm an avid Picasa user but their collages don't extend to the selection you can get from PicMonkey. So here is one tutorial among others in the future, for the people out there that want to think outside the box in photo editing.


I started to add a simple rounded corner box for the text but later I found a saying bubble that was just like it but had an arrow pointing toward the bottom right photo. Then I adjusted the opacity so it wasn't so intense of a contrast



The border is adjusted by using the eyedropper tool on the color adjusment menu {sorry, no pic} and I hovered the eyedropper over a part of the towel he's wearing.  And the text box was also from the eyedropper, but hovering over the darkest part of the towel.

Then to add a "bubble" effect, I kept adding circle stamps and adjusted the opacity so it appeared to overlap with slight clarity like bubbles do.  Also, you can duplicate a stamp by right-clicking it and clicking "duplicate object" in the drop down menu.

Lastly, I added a border that somewhat resembled the bubbles. Once I completed and saved it after I made the border, I figured it could've stood out just fine without .

Many people may stop at just moving their photos into the boxes and clicking save.  But I tend to think it doesn't take much to add some unique details.  Think about the theme of the photo and accessorize.  You don't leave the house with just a shirt & pants, do you?

5 Awesome ways to make your walls POP!... on a budget {Part 4}

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5 Awesome ways to make your

walls POP!... on a budget

{Part Four}

Are you stuck in a decorating rut when it comes to your walls?  Are they totally boring?  Well you'd be amazed at how you can take care of that issue without spending too much or even leaving your house! You can recycle what you already have or just purchase a few items to create them.

Read on in the fourth of many installments for some tips on how you can make those walls pop for very little effort or money.

Alphabet photographs are a {semi} new concept in home decor.  There are several versions of this type of site, but the one listed below {the most popular} is from Sticksandstones.com

This waaayy easy site lets you choose the letters from their gallery of many versions of the alphabet and you can choose which combo to have framed.  Keep in mind that this is a project you can take on yourself by simply grabbing your camera and venturing out into the world looking for beautiful architecture.  Turn your head when you see a handle and it turns into a letter "L"!  Have fun with it.

sticks and stones

This is a unique and upcycled project involving various colorful rolled magazine pages.  This site:  Recyclart.org features several projects so awesome, you'll be ravaging in your garage for days on a hunt for enough materials to create a whole room.  {everything but the kitchen sink!}


This tutorial from Country Living shows you how to think outside the...uh...silverware drawer {well technically it's plastic-ware!} and create a stunning eye-catching mirror. 

country living

What a "tube"ular idea! Head over to Readymade {top photo} & DIYgadgets {bottom photo} to check out there idea of funky storage.  Way to stick to a budget, guys! While diygadgets features no link or credit on their site, You can catch a tutorial on readymade's website here.

above readymade

below diy gadgets

Ocean lovers will appreciate this crafty mirror idea.  It brings a lot of texture and interest to a rustic nautical decor.  Check out the tutorial at aol's DIY Life.

diy life

Wanna catch the rest of the list?

Click on these three post-its for the other three

installments of the series.


Framed Fortunes

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{Not Pictured}
Scissors, Ruler, Glue Stick, Thin Cardboard & Spray Paint

Step One:
Remove glass from one (or more) frame(s) and prep them for spray painting.

Step Two:
Spray paint color of choice.  I used several (about 3) coats to make sure the wood grain didn't show through.

Step Three:
Cut a piece of thin cardboard (like in step 9 of this post) and spray mount it to the back of a piece of fabric of your choice. and trim 1" larger than the board. Then snip the corners close to the corners of the board.

Step Four:
Apply glue stick to back edge (like in step four of this tutorial) and fold the flap back.

Step Five:
Grab your fortunes and a ruler and line them up in a row vertically.  This step is entirely up to your taste.  I chose the OCD route. Then mount with a glue stick.

Step Six:
Do the same to the remaining boards. (if any)

Step Seven:
Clean the glass and set on top of the mounted fortunes.  Then when frames are completely dry, install the art into them.

Step Eight:
Hang on wall and enjoy.

How to Draw ... {a Rose}

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How to Draw a Rose

Drawing has always been something I loved to do and it actually can be quite therapeutic. 
I know what your thinking. 
"I can't draw a stick man"

But fear not. Practice makes perfect.  IT IS IN YOU! 
And you won't produce something like we see here above.

For this project, I'm going to send you over to art-is-fun.com to learn how to draw a rose.  My art teacher from a drawing class at a local college I went to always told me, "The more detail in a subject, the easier it is to do."  It took me a while to even comprehend that because detail is scary or risky.  But as I practiced drawing a crumbled up brown paper bag.  I realized that if I left it uncrumbled, it was harder to fill in shadows realistically.  Then when she grabbed the bag and crumbling it up more, {after I gasped} it was easier because I discovered that every line and shadow I made turned into a way to get a free pass for the work!  When I was drawing every nook and cranny, it was easy for me to turn the pencil which ever way I wanted.  And that made for an easier project.

{not my work.  via Zach Stroeher

{not my work. via Julie's Journal}

So, go check out art-is-fun.com, and challenge yourself to draw this rose.  If you complete one, and your particularly proud of yours, email it to me and I will post it in my gallery.

I soooo believe in you!

Wall Cube Re-Fab-ulous!

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Wall Cube Re-Fab-ulous Tutorial

This is a tutorial for a wall cube I purchased on clearance, years ago and never did anything with.  So, as happens to everyone else,  It sat in my garage collecting dust bunnies and got dirty and inches away from

being thrown out.

I was like... "Hold up!... What am I doing?"

This grungy cube obviously had potential of having a better life.  

So I improvised and it manifested into something fabulous.

Step One:

Say goodbye to ugly white-wash cube ugliness.   I tried to figure out what color the cube was going to be and came up with gray and orange since those colors were in my living room's color scheme. 

I acquired this amazing orange leather IKEA sofa through
my sister and my days began to look sunny. 
That was a wonderful addition to my home!

And I added this IKEA throw pillow:

Step Two & Three:

I grabbed my cheap-o, Walmart gray acrylic paint and painted the cube's outside and front with two layers.  {Believe it or not, I forgot to spray it with a glossy clear-coat at this point which would've made it look a heck-of-a-lot better, but I will probably do this at a later date.}

Step Four:

I then painted the inside shelf wall with black.

Step Five - Seven:

I masked off the front part and used a good jumbo marker and finished off the edge so it had a clean transition between the inside wall and the front area.

Step Eight:

I didn't want the wall to be the back of the cube so I decided to put shiny orange vinyl.  I measured the back of the cube and added about 1/4" so the rigged up backboard would attach well.

Step Nine - Twelve:

Using the cardboard material that is usually on the back of a legal pad, I cut it to the measurements and mounted it to the back of the orange vinyl contact paper.  Then I cut to size with an exacto-knife.  When doing this part I grabbed a credit card and smoothed out the air bubbles in the contact paper.

Step Thirteen - Fourteen:

Using the board, I placed it on the back {not mounting yet} and marked where the notches should go allowing me to hang the finished piece. Then using scissors I cut out the notch.

Step Fifteen:

Using common craft glue, I mounted the board to the back {orange side in} and taped the seam to the cube.  Then grabbed my exacto-knife and trimmed the excess off about 1/8" from the edge of the cube.

Step Sixteen:

And lastly, using the exacto-knife again, I trimmed away the tape from the hanging holes.

Then I hung my re-fab-u-lous wall cube in shear joy!

Kid's Project #01 {Finish The Picture}

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I got this idea from a nifty li'l site called: Art Projects For Kids
Kathy Barbro is an art teacher in Cali for K-5 students...
and loves every minute of it!
Here is a few of her entries:


She posted this idea called: "Finish the picture" and I figured I could try it with the kids at my church and see how they did. 
{We formed "Star Club" with the children ages 5-12}

Turns out they abolutely loooved it and I loved seeing the results!  I actually found more talent than I ever imagined out of our little "Stars"  They instanly grasped the concept and went right to work. {I featured some of the results at the bottom}

All you need for this project is:
Crayons, Art Paper, Glue stick & Magazine images
{and construction paper if you want to mount it. 
This gives it a cute border}

This project is easy to do and is good for having them cut out the images or could also work if you pre-cut the images and glue them on the paper beforehand.  {which is what I did.  It keeps the kids away from scissors and doesn't make a mess of scrap paper.}

I picked pictures that had movement, pictures of animals, food, familiar children celebrities, and cars {the boys looooved those!}... The possibilities are endless!

Then after I explained the process and gave them their images on paper.  They let their imaginations do the work.

Here are a few of my faves:

Here's the website for further ideas:

Have fun!

Faux Porcelain Frame Tutorial

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"Drab to Fab"
Faux Porcelain Frame

Ya' know?  I got tired of seeing beautiful "porcelain" looking tabletop frames in stores that had the nerve to be soooo expensive.  I love texture and detail, yet simplicity. So, what did I do?  I grabbed a Dollar Tree frame, paint, and a can of clear coat spray and took matters into my own hands!
If you don't know already, orange is my second favorite color.  If you don't know my first favorite, then you don't know me at all.  {shame on you.....it's pink
The colors in my master bedroom are Tan, brown, orange, and aqua.  I wanted so bad to have a frame sitting on the nightstand to bring interest and color next to the bed.  Frames are one of the most perfect accessories to add.
You may find this tutorial to be a little "beginner" but my goal, wasn't only to have a tutorial on how I did it but to inspire with the idea.  So, for you "know-it-alls" out there,
check out the photo below, get inspired,
then proceed to the next entry.
{Do not pass 'GO'  and do not collect $200.}

Here's how it's done:

Step One:
Remove Glass from frame and set aside.  {Gee, that was easy!}
Step Two:
Using a nail file or sandpaper, sand any loose pieces on the surface, inside lip and on outer edges as best as you can.
Step Three:
Paint a primer using spray paint or acrylic paint.
Step Four & Five:
Paint desired color.  The more layers you use, the darker and deeper the color.  {Don't forget to get into any crevices}.  The frame I chose wasn't a wood frame.  It was a pressed particle board frame so it was quite porous.   So, the more I kept painting, the more I felt like the frame "soaked" up.  So, I just kept going back and applying layers.  I think I did about five to six layers.
Step Six:
Apply 3-5 layers of clear acrylic gloss spray for a glossy shine.  This step is very essential if you are trying to achieve a "porcelain" shine.  Again, if I had chose a wood or resin frame, the surface would've been a lot smoother and would've been much more realistic.  But, nonetheless, I am satisfied with the outcome.
Step Seven:
Hey... is that John Hamm from "Mad Men"I see in
the article under my frame? 
Why... yes it is.  He is promoting his season four of my favorite show!   
"...and how can I catch this interesting show?" You ask.
Don't miss "Mad Men" on Sunday nights at 10:00 on AMC. 
{hee hee... they don't even pay me for that.♥}
Step Eight & Nine:
Insert family photo of your choice {add any desired embellishments}
and place gently on nightstand and gaze before falling into a sweet sleep.
"No, you can't have my stand-in family illustration.
...are you kidding?  Go get your own." 

5 Awesome ways to make your walls POP!... on a budget {Part 3}

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{Part Three}


5 Awesome ways to make your

walls POP!... on a budget

Are you stuck in a decorating rut when it comes to your walls?  Are they totally boring?  Well you'd be amazed at how you can take care of that issue without spending too much or even leaving your house! You can recycle what you already have or just purchase a few items to create them.


Read on in the third of many installments for some tips on how

you can make those walls pop for very little effort or money.



1. Framing Wallpaper:

Framing wallpaper is a very clever way to add texture, interest, subject and also great for adding pop of color where you need balance and compliment.  Frames can be incredibly inexpensive if shop around at thrift stores or my personal fave: IKEA


{image via: apartment therapy}


{left photo via: designscouting.com, right photo via: decor-ideas.com}




2. Framing Keepsakes Between Glass:

This is an easy job because it takes all types of items to be called art.  In the pic below, Shannon decided to just use panes from an old door and put leaves between... voila!  Instant art!  But you can purchase dollar store frames and just use the glass.


{image via: oregonlive.com}




3. Photos in CD Jewel Cases:

This project will make you think, "Why didn't I think of that?"

All you have to do is find a bulk pack of clear CD jewel cases and use the backside so there are virtually no seams. You can use adhesive like "Sticky Dots" from Joann's Fabrics or velcro to attach them to the wall.  You can also use plate hangers.



{left photo via: photojojo.com, right photo via: paperjewels.com, another great link}




4.  DIY Hanging Mobiles:

There are many, many tutorials online that feature how to make a mobile.  And as I always say:  It may surprise you how easy it can be.  Mobiles aren't necessarily for your walls, but their dimention from the wall can give the room a great deal of interest.


{left image via: younghouselove.com, right image via: ponoko}




5. Hanging a Wall of Clocks:

I've always wanted to do this.  I have a fascination with interesting modern clocks in a cluster on the wall.  Just search in different thrift stores and polish up the ones that have potential.  And look for specials around August when "back to school" dorm items start to go on clearance.  Also, if you're interested in odd clocks, you can always try ebay.  This project is perfect for the contemporary to the traditionalist.


{image via: apartment therapy}


{image via: under lock and key}


If you have a little more of a flexible budget, you can purchase four to six of the same office style and set them to different time zones for a modern minimalist look.  Then print the names of the cities or have plates made, and add them underneath each clock!


{image via: alexanderisley.com}
Take in what is listed here and use it to inspire you to get up and make your walls pop.  Good luck and don't forget to send pix!