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23 Awesome Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipes

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In (a little belated) celebration of National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day, I wanted to corral some of the most delicous, ooey-gooey chocolate chip cookie recipes. Enjoy!

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2 Cent Tip {Spotless Dishes}

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ABC's ... Your Way!

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ABC's ...MY WAY!


Ok, so... I'm a sucker for the novelty of alphabet magnets!

It adds personality to your kitchen and I like leaving

random cool messages to myself daily.  But even though colorful ABC's is beautiful, I wanted to make the alphabet my way. 




For those who don't know me, I have a nutty obsession with the marriage of pink and orange.  I'm not sure where it was conceived.  Possibly when I purchased a poster for one of  my once favorite singers, Bjork.

http://onealbumaday.files.wordpress.com/2009/03/bjork-post-album-cover-bjork.jpg" width="130" height="130" /> http://i532.photobucket.com/albums/ee330/yohikaru/bjork_-_post-back2.jpg" style="WIDTH: 129px; HEIGHT: 129px" width="129" height="101" />


So I began buying items that embodied this combination. 


Step One: Spread all the letters out and separate them by color and take two sets of letters out of your choice and put them aside. (Obviously, mine were pink and orange) 


Step Two: Place all other letters on a piece of cardboard or hard surface.  I used a box top from staples printer paper.   (note: In case you noticed, I left the pink "E" in for the message: Time 2 spray... and then oops... I left it in, oh well) 


Step Three:  Using spray paint, (I used Rustoleum spray paint for plastic) spray a coat at a time every 20-30 mins.  Don't try to do it all at once.  It'll make tons of runs in the paint.



Step Four: Make sure you pay close attention to the sides and insides of each letter.



Wait until the next day for the last coat to dry just to be on the safe side. 



OMG... Now you have your very own

customized alphabet to accessorize your fridge!


Project Cost:

Magnet letters: $1.00 each {X2} = $2.00 {Dollar Store}

White Spray paint: $2.00 Dollar General}

Total: $4.00!


Beau-TEA-ful Gift Idea!

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Tea Cards.


Tea Cards are something I created a few years ago that I thought would be the perfect get-well-soon gift...on a budget.  If you notice, the materials only cost under about $5.00.  Other than the tools it takes to make it.  The only thing you need to purchase is the tea itself.  And with all the varieties out there, you have millions of possibilities. 


Look for lowered priced tea in grocery stores or I found a huge variety pack at Marshall's in the gift section. 


Read on to see how you can make this and get inspired to make your own variations.




You will need:

  • Scrapbook Paper or fabric (you can use plenty of scraps lying around the house)
  • one tea bag
  • magazine subscription insert  (you know... those annoying white cards all over the floor at Barnes & Noble's magazine section?)
  • scissors or straight edge cutter
  • stapler
  • glue stick
  • gold metallic marker (optional)


How you can sooo make it:


  • Step One: Pick two complimentary patterns of scrapbook paper.  (again, if you desire to use fabric that's fine.  I just prefer the polished look of scrapbook paper.  In this tutorial, I used me & my big ideas patterned paper that I got at Michael's )


  • Step Two: Use glue stick to apply glue to one of the sides of the magazine subscription card and place on the backside of one the sheets of scrapbook paper.  This will be your base. 



  • Step Three: Cut the corners off so you can wrap the excess around to the back and adhere.  Then place a size smaller of alternate piece to back to clean up what's exposed.


  • Step Four:  Ok, the base is done for now.  Carefully unwrap the tea bag and put the tea bag aside  for now.  The tea bag wrapper should now serve as a template to make a new decorative wrapper.






  • Step Five:  Trace the tea wrapper template onto the opposing patterned paper.  Using gold marker trim the edges to make the new wrapper look finished and polished.



  • Step Six:  Staple the top of the tea bag to the inside flat edge of the new wrapper. 


  • Step Seven:  Fold the paper and seal the tip to close your tea bag wrapper.  Then take the same patterned paper and cover the tea "dipping tag" (not sure of the technical term... )  then place the name of the tea over that.   (sorry, the second part is not pictured)


  • Step Eight:  Using a little of the glue, place the wrapped tea bag on the base on the left or the right, whichever you choose.  And lightly glue the "tag" on the opposite side.


(picture above doesn't have the tea name on

the tag yet.  My printer was temporarily down.)

  • Step Nine:  Finally, embellish with odds & ends in btm empty corner to rid of dead space.  A few ideas:  type a message, place a photo, cut out images from mags or catalogs.  In this project, I used an image of a teapot from a poster catalog and a nice quote.  I also cut out a flower from the patterned paper from the wrapper and placed the tag on top of it. 

  • Step Ten:  Cut the instructions out from the original wrapper and glue to back of finished tea card and slip into plastic sleeve.  This is an awesome gift for any tea-lover.  There are tons of varieties of tea out there that you can use.  The tea flavor can give you inspiration for the scrapbook paper and embellishments to use.  For example:  If you use peppermint tea around the holidays, you can use peppermint patterned paper and felt for a base and a candy cane to stir the tea!  And finish off by wrapping all together with a bow.  Ooh... I soooo want to make that now!

Check out my "Projects" section to view others that I made. 

Let me know what you think or if you have any questions.

Cray-zy Crayons

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So this is one of my favorite crafts: "Cray-zy Crayonz". I saw the idea online and thought, "I could sooo make that!'


I saw the idea in marthastewart.com.  It's a great project to do with children or for children. I made loads of them for the children at my church.  They loved them. Kids love the fact that they didn't have to pick up another crayon to change colors. And in turn, that made them believe I was a genius! 

They're simply crayons melted and reformed into different shapes. My favorite is the star because each point serves as a different crayon and it fits very snug in a child's hand. I got a star and moon silicone molds at a Dollar Tree in my town and tried it and it worked perfectly. As a matter of fact, I have found that I liked mine better than the ones that are just from plain muffin tins. You can also purchase Jello molds from ebay or amazon and some really cool ice cube trays from Ikea for $1.99. They have the best shapes. 


Below are the molds I worked with.  The large moon and star and the small green one in the background were all purchased at Dollar Tree.  The black stars and the pink puzzle pieces in the background were purchased at Ikea for $1.99 each.  There were many choices.


They do say: "for ice only" but if you poor the wax from a double broiler or silicone container into the molds, you should be fine.  You just won't have the same effect. Just test it first to be on the safe side.


This is how you can sooo make it:

First preheat oven and let it get to about 300 degrees. While that's heating up, gather all your crayons and separate them between color such as primary and secondary, then others like black, white and so on. The reason for this is because once the labels are peeled off, the darker colors wont give away what they are. It's hard to tell the purples, blues, blacks, and other dark shades from each other.

It's not a necessary step but it helps in the process. I have found that the best way to peel them is not to peel them by hand the way most kids do. (you'll be there forever) The way I peeled them is to simply hold the crayon on the table. Then, using a razor blade, cut lengthwise down the crayon paper as if your cutting a hot dog. (or like disecting a frog in high school... ew, gross!)  

Once you pick at the label edge that you just cut, it peels away extremely easy (especially if they're new. Older ones may stick. That's when you need to throw them away because it's just not worth it.)

Then, once you have all your crayons separated, choose about 3-5 colors. (such as blue, green and yellow or pink, red, black and white) Your combos are going to blend better aesthetically, with certain colors than others. But technically, there really are no rules.  

Break each crayon into about 4-5 pieces and randomly place them in the mold (preferrably silicone) or muffin tin. Make various combinations in each tin. As you see in the picture, I used a silicone star and moon mold  about 5'' in diameter that were for mini-cakes. (in pic above) So if your lucky enough to find a star mold, (Get it? Lucky... Star...? nevermind) anyway, as I said if you found a star mold, place 5 complimentary colors in each peak of the star.

Next, once the oven is preheated, put the muffin pan in and immediately turn the oven off.

Keep an eye on it and it should take about 15-20 minutes for the crayons to melt flat in the molds without being bumpy.

Once they're done, remove them and place the muffin pan flat in the freezer. Make sure you have previously cleared a good flat surface in the freezer. If they are slightly crooked, they won't come out right. While they're in there, if you have another mold you can do another set. That's what I did and it worked real well because they're was no wait time and furthermore no time to get impatient about each step.

Once the crayons have been in there for about 20-30 minutes you can remove them. It's just like removing ice. If you're using a silicone mold, the mold peels away very easy. Just empty them onto a flat towel on the counter and let the condensation dry. If you're using the tin mold, they should be dumped right onto a towel on the counter. 


     And that's about it!! Test 'em out... they work great! Please let me know how you did and send comments or pics... 

It make me smile!