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We Can All Learn Something From Captain Jack!

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We can all learn something from Captain Jack Sparrow!  In order to change our lives, we must change our attitude! 

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A Baker's Dozen ...and then some!

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June 6th is National Donut Day and you know how I roll.  When there is a silly interesting national holiday, I go all out to show you trends from awesome to zany to check out. Because besides Homer Simpson, who wouldn't want to don a blinding repeating pattern of America's favorite donut drowning in pink frosting and sprinkles on their sweatshirt?

I'll have you know, this post wasn't easy.  I couldn't refrain and this list could  not...I repeat: could NOT be titled "Baker's Dozen" alone.  Thirteen wouldn't have cut it. There was just so much to share with you.  They are sooo pretteee. And frankly, I have a stomachache from all the donut binging I have done for your viewing pleasure....  It was a sacrifice, I tell ya!

1.  Resin Donut Fridge Magnets - set of four $16.00 |  Etsy (CreaShines)

2.  Donut Patterned Crewneck Sweatshirt $29.95  |  Zumiez

3.  Crochet Donut Pin Cushion  |  Etsy (Cyrillas Crochet)

4.  Gigantic Donut Pool Float  $18.00  |  Fancy

5.  DIY Donut Pumpkins  |  Studio DIY

6.  Simpsons Donut Nails  |  YouTube (HalahAllyah) via Pinterest

7.  Paper Plate Donut Garland (Kids Project)  |  My Poppet

8.  DIY Donut Balloons  |  Studio DIY

9.  DIY Donut Doormat (Ikea Hack)  |  The House That Lars Built

10.  Paper Donut Gift Box (with free printable)  |  Minieco

11.  DIY Donut Pinata | Studio DIY

12.  Frosted Mini Donut Soap 6pk  $7.00 |  Etsy (Soapopatamus)

13.  Perler Bead Donut Coaster Set  |  Pop That Cassette

14.  Polymer Clay Donut Charm Bracelet  $27.00  |  Etsy (Zjakazumi)

15.  Donut Necklace $10.00 |  Etsy (OwlNest)

16.  Grreat Choice Donut Dog Chew Toy  |  Polyvore

17.  "Donut Worry, Eat Sprinkles" Print  |  Etsy (shoplemonfresh)

18.  Polymer Clay Donut Earrings  $25.00  |  Etsy (Nechegonadet)

19. DIY Donut Tire Prank  |  Studio DIY

20.  Hello Kitty Frosted Donut Key Cap  $5.99  |  Mod Cloth

Honorable Mentions:

Frosted Donut Puzzle  |  FoodBeast

Donut Sweatshirt  |  Nitrolicious

Donut Printable Gift Tag  |  Make Bake Celebrate

Ceramic Donut Coin Bank  |  Etsy  (ModClay)

DIY Felt Donuts  |  Try it. You Might Like it.

Crocheted Pink Frosted Donut  |  Loee. M.

DIY Ombre Powdered Donuts  |  Paper + Stitch

Adorable Donut Fine Art Print  |  Baby Friendly Boltholes / Belle & Boo

DIY Donut Floppy Sun Hat  |  Studio DIY

Super Sweet Donut Onesie Tutorial  | Hearts in Crafts

DIY Simple & Sweet Felt Donut Pillow  |  A Beautiful Mess

Psst...It's also National Yo-yo day, so if you're not a fan of donuts, you still have my permission to throw some confetti....Yay, Yo-yos!!

Happy Birthday, Bob Dylan!

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Happy Birthday, Bob Dylan!

For today's post, since this is Bob Dylan's birthday, I figured I'd make quote art inspired by his 1974 song, "Forever Young" which I love.  The lyrics are so sweet and beautiful.  He is truly saying what every parent wants their child to hear. The lyrics are listed below the art.  I personally would like to dedicate this song to my son, Maddox.

"Forever Young"

May God bless and keep you always /  May your wishes all come true
May you always do for others /  And let others do for you
May you build a ladder to the stars /  And climb on every rung
May you stay forever young, Forever young, forever young
May you stay forever young.

May you grow up to be righteous /  May you grow up to be true
May you always know the truth /  And see the lights surrounding you
May you always be courageous /  Stand upright and be strong
May you stay forever young, Forever young, forever young
May you stay forever young.

May your hands always be busy /  May your feet always be swift
May you have a strong foundation /  When the winds of changes shift
May your heart always be joyful /  And may your song always be sung
May you stay forever young, Forever young, forever young
May you stay forever young.

I also highly recommend picking up (or checking out at your local library) Forever Young by Bob Dylan, the children's book based on this 1974 classic and inspired by the birth of his son, Jakob (who later became the frontman of the band The Wallflowers, releasing a single in 1997 that you may recall titiled  "One Headlight").

I consider Forever Young to be one of the most uplifting books to keep in your child's collection as I find it to be quite uplifting holding the same caliber as Dr. Seuss, The Berenstains and Eric Carle.  Not to mention, the illustrations by Paul Rogers are adorably simple and refreshing.  Below is the visual reading through his singing, page by page.   Enjoy.

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Bob Dylan's  "Forever Young"  /  lyrics found via azlyrics /

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book interior illustrations found via brain pickingslilapud  +  BeInkandescent

video found via you tube  /  picture book can be purchased on amazon

Quote: Jim Henson ("Keep Believing...")

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 Jim Henson  9/24/36  -  5/16/90

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Dear Mom...

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Happy Mother's Day!

I searched high and low for a Mother's Day Poem or awesome "oooh, this is a good one" mom quote, but to no avail.  Well, yes, I found some but ones that sounded like the rest and didn't quite say what I was feeling.  I wanted to wish everyone a Happy Mother's Day and was disappointed when I thought I wouldn't find something good enough to post.  Then I found this: 

Mom, if you are reading this, I want you to know.

No frills.  No pink. No lace trim.  No fancy scroll work.  No strategically placed roses on the corners in groups of threes.  No script typography or caligraphy.  No tear-jerking lineup of what a mother is or means.  No soft filtered image of a mother embracing her child as they kick sand at the beach....

Just simply...I love you.

Dear Mom, I love you.  Thank you for you.

from left to right: my older sister, Michelle, 
my mom, and me - April 1978

Quote: Margaret Drabble

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Quote (Blessed Are Those...}

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Quote found in Real Simple Magazine (print edition) 
Quoted from English writer  Elizabeth Bibesco
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Pin-up Gallery Round up

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Your Portal to Previous Pin-up Galleries:

(Pin-up Galleries are compilations of images I fancied on Pinterest that are in a particular theme.)

Press the button below to explore the desired gallery.  (more to come)


Do you have suggestions for future Pin-up Gallery posts? Please leave your ideas in the comment section below and I will consider creating one.

Gatsby Inspired...

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Despite the fact that the film, The Great Gatsby is as timeless as it is, I only recently watched it, rather than catch it in the theater, and I must say I REALLY enjoyed it!  More than anything I loved the style.  I never realized how beautiful the 20's style could be.  (I guess Baz Luhrmann knew what he was doing).  I loved the soundtrack just as much.  Anyway, I was extremely inspired to list some fashion and decor finds that were inspired by this film.

Enjoy More Gatsby Inspired Fashion Ensembles like this in my Gallery and more will be uploaded  soon.  (Links under construction)

1. a shroud of thoughts  2. 500px  3. wedding bells 4. artists within 5. beauty by lee  6.  miss usa  7. etsy  8. clara bella faire  9. wedding wire  10. victoria chainey makeup

1. stella and dot  2. kitsy lane (unavailable) 3. deliver me diamonds  4. zappo's  5. pinterest  6. plan your perfect wedding  7. in pink 8. jewels du jour 

1. tidbits  2. zappo's  3. miss z accessories 4. be-you-tiful  5. lyst  6. etsy 7. weddingdress bee  8. oliver bonas  9. cavan

1. era interiors 2. restoration hardware  3. food paradise (with DIY instructions) 4. pinterest  5. baker furniture 6. creative sphere  7.  glamour drops 8. casa sugar  9. rona 10. houzz   11. laura ashley

1. paper fashion  (bonus: the original image animates diamonds!)  2. the fox is black  3. tumblr  4. deviantart 5. tumblr 6. pinterest  7. byu college of fine arts 8. nan lawson  9. greg moore 10. pinterest (amc)

And in closing...

6 Pinterest Wannabes Worth Checking Out... {part one}

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1. Juxtapost:

In a nutshell:

"Juxtapost is here to help you remember all the amazing things you see while you browse the web. From planning a wedding, to furnishing a room, there is no end to the number of things people use the web for. However with all its infinite options, managing what you find has become a massive undertaking. For years, web users have relied on a browser’s bookmark tool to save what they find, however this has become far too ineffective when attempting to organize more than a few dozen pages. That’s where Juxtapost steps in. Its sole ambition is to provide members with easy-to-use tools to "bookmark" the photos they find into categorized postboards (collection of posts) that they can easily curate, even if their collection spirals to hundreds of websites."

Why it's worth checking out:

More options for viewing like: "more like this" and "more with this color"

2. StyleCaster

In a nutshell:

More than anything, this site is pretty much just focuses on fashion. It's like a shopping site of some sort.

Why it's worth checking out:

Well this one isn't my favorite, but one feature I do like is that instead of the text being at the bottom of each image, you only see what you need to when you hover over the image before you click on it.

3. All Women Stalk

In a nutshell:

It's more of a "How to" and "5 ways to..." kind of site.  They say: "AllWomenStalk.com is your daily scoop of fabulous! And whether you’re looking for tips on putting together the perfect outfit, or wondering which lipstick is right for your complexion, AllWomenStalk.com is the perfect place to find the answers! From tips on how you can safely lose a few pounds to the new hair trends of the season, you will find it all on 26 blogs dedicated to women's beauty, style, health, matters of the heart and all other important things we women talk about."

Why it's worth checking out:

The images used are very intriguing. Overall it has a trendy design

4. Dudepins

In a nutshell:

It's Pinterst...for dudes...'nuff said.

Why it's worth checking out:

The funny thing about this site is it screams "dude" as soon as you arrive because there are no fancy, cute colors, DIY crafts, and Nutella recipes to hog the screen. One feature I really like that I miss with Pinterest is that they do list the date it was posted. WIN!

5. Indulgy

In a nutshell:

Indulgy is pretty much like Pinterest, but with a black background. Fashion, interior decor, food, luxury products. 

Why it's worth checking out:

It has a very minimalistic design and when an image is zoomed, other color options are shown below as well as a full color palette for the image.

6. Loverly

In a nutshell:

Getting married? Here's your go-to "gimme gimme" site!  Their mission is to make your wedding planning simple and fun. Discover ideas, things to buy and people to hire for your wedding.

Why it's worth checking out:

Beautiful site, color palette on main page to choose the color you desire for your big day.  And they stay on top of the latest trends.

Quote (Titanic 1997)

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The other day I caught Titanic on TV and it was at the scene where Jack Dawson was dining with Rose's family.  When I heard this quote again, among all the other times I had seen this film, I was inspired to create this.   ...I do love this quote.

Do you have an inspirational quote that means something to you?  Let me know and I will create a poster like this one and feature it.

Quote: Titanic (imdb)
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{Oh Snap!} 20 Photo Ideas for Back 2 School!

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{I've painstakingly compiled what I would call the "BEST" list for Back to School Photos you will see on the internet.  All 20 links are provided at bottom of list.  Try one, try some, or try 'em all!  But more importantly, have fun with it and you never know... it may inspire you to create your own ideas!  If so, feel free to send it my way so I can showcase it for you.}

1. Rocket City Mom

2. Blue Cricket Design

3. Pinterest

4. The Daily Buzz

5. Pinterest

6. TCI

7. A Few of my Favorite Things

8. Happy Home Fairy

9. Kidz

10. Christina Dieselberg

11. Silverbox Creative Studio

12. Crissy's Crafts

13. Rocket City Mom

14. Pinterest

15. Ruffles and Stuff

16. Mommy Minded

17. Sarah Elizabeth Photography / Pinterest

18. Made It

19. Really Good Stuff

20. Women's Day / United Way

Junk in Their Trunk


Sugar Bee Crafts

Becky Higgins

B Couture Photography


Allison's Wonderland

Mrs. FireMom's Flikr Page

The Savvy Photographer


Crissy's Crafts

Harper's Happenings

Susie Leggett's Flikr Page


Kindergarten Kindergarten

The Homespun Heart

Stamp Works

Enter The Pin-up Gallery!

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1. Upcycle your childhood favorite with this Activity Book with a handle.

{via Cosmo Cricket}

2. A little help holding your place in a book. A house-shelf! 

{via Donna S.  from Inspiration for Decoration}

3. For cohesion in your decor, cover books in same color and rewrite titles!

{via Utterly Engaged Magazine from Design Sponge}

4. Is your iphone on your ear more than your nose in a book? Check out these bookworm cases by Cassia Beck.  Her designs will fit any interest.

{via a simple life afloat from Society6}

5. Wouldn't you love to where your favorite title around your neck? Leather Book Charm

{via Janet Woodyard from Polliblog}

6. Recycle old books into hidden storage!

{via Linda Rose from Etsy}

7.  Bride & groom ask guests to circle words in a dictionary that would remind them of their wedding day. 

{via Brittney Maxwell from Country Living}

8. These faux brick books are the brilliant work of Daryl Fitzgerald.

{via Jennifer Septic Kerasiotis from Junk Culture}