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Pop Quiz Felt Block Tutorial

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The "Pop Quiz Block"

was an idea I thought of a few weeks ago to ignite conversation and relationship between children in my church.  It also allows them to learn more about each other and

interact in a different way.



We have a commitee that we created that brings the children ages 5-12 together to teach them about respect, honor, love, obedience and of course, to have fun and interact with other children via teamwork and games.  The commitee, or as we titled it: {Star Club} get together on atleast one evening a month to do themed crafts, practice songs,

go on field trips and discuss topics. 

It also gives the parents a few hours to go and do as they wish.


This project is very inexpensive and very easy. It's not only for a group of children, however.  

It also is ideal for families or just a mother or father and child to learn

more about them and for them to learn more about you. 

Check out the end of the tutorial for examples of this.



What you need to make your Pop Quiz Block:





{whatever 6 colors you choose,

I liked every color of the rainbow}

Small zip bags

{you can find these in the

jewelry aisle at any crafts store}


Embroidery Thread

{color of your choice}

Fiberfill or poly-fil


{oops... not pictured!}



Here's how you can {soooo} make it:


Step One: Using a template, cut all the pieces of felt to 6''x6''


Step Two: Cut the zip part of the bags off.



Step Three: Grab the embroidery thread and needle, use the whip-stitch method to sew the edges of the bag to the center of the felt.

{the two layers wont serve any purpose,

it just keeps it stronger}   


Leave one end open.  Technically, it doesn't matter

which end you choose.  


Do this on all 6 sheets of felt.


Step Four:  Grab 2 of the sheets of felt and hand sew each together using the blanket-stitch technique.  We'll call the red square "A" and the orange square "B"

{You can't really tell, but behind this red 

square is an orange square.} 


Step Five:  Then grab the third square and continue with the stitching with piece "C" connected to piece "B"


Step Six:  Technically you should be able to continue the process without having to move locations with your needle and thread.   Continue by attaching "D" to "B" then "E" to "B"

{Don't forget..."B" is the orange square} 


Step Seven: All six sides should come together rather easily.  Using polyfil, stuff the cube and using chopsticks or crochet needles, poke the polyfil into the corners.

{note: Naughty-me forgot to do this step so if you don't do it, it's okay.  It still serves the purpose.} 


Step Eight: Finish blanket stitching after sfuffing.  If you want the cube less squishy like a pillow and more rigid like a cube, you can line each of the squares inside

with sheets of thin cardboard like cereal boxes.


Step Nine:  Finish off by inserting pieces of paper stating questions like:

"Describe yourself in 3 words."

"If you could be any animal, what would it be?"

"What's your favorite color?"





Other Ideas for the "Pop Quiz Block":

The beauty of this project is that you can change it up depending on the activity. 

If you're working with kids, the above questions are great.   But if you're working with teenagers, your questions will

be different {or hip....if you will} 

You can also change them to themes or activities for parties or showers, or use it for tasks or talents to perform!


This block is also perfect for babies to recognize

objects, colors, numbers, letters or even photos

of their family members!


Parents could also use it to deligate chores to their children.


Another way to make it is to use blank wood cubes and decopage images or words for games.

{maybe i'll do that as anther tutorial in the future!}




{photo edited on: picnik.com}


Here are a few hand-stitch tutorials that might help you also:

Little Brown Bird  

Future Girl

Needle 'n' Thread {with videos!}

Project Cost:

Felt: $.25/sheet @ 8 sheets = $2.00 {Wal-mart}

Embroidery Thread: $1.50 {Joann's}

Needle: {on hand}

Polyfoam: {on hand - pulled from an old throw pillow!}

but you can get it at Joann's for $2.50

Project Total: $6.00