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Spring Clean Your Desktop in 5 Minutes!

Posted on April 2, 2014 at 11:45 AM Comments comments (0)

I stumbled upon one of the most brilliant ideas I've seen in a long while the other day.  It's a downloadable wallpaper that actually helps you spring clean your desktop, and makes it fun in the process!

Over at Moritz Fine Designs, Heather created a series of wallpapers to do just that.  She has several minimalistic designs. here are just a few for example:

(Click on image to go to download page)


but it was the chalboard series that reeled me in big time.  I actually said out loud: 'oh.  my. gosh!"  It was the answer to my desktop issues I never wanted to deal with.  She also shows you how how to download it and add the text to the blank template.


                          (BLANK TEMPLATE)                 (WITH TITLES)


My computer guy will vouch for the fact that I'm all over the computer!  With downloading new fonts, my blog post ideas, photo editing, inspiring Pinterest posts... I have lots of files to deal with.  It was so bad that when I'm on my laptop, before I'd close it, I refused to sign off or minimize my screen to expose the desktop...ugh!  But with this wallpaper, I have managed to consolidate and organize all my crap file folders. 

And she was right, it honestly took as little as five minutes, I promise!  The cool part is, she gives you the option of using the text she created or you can download a blank one to personalize based on what you do regularly on your computer and add the text yourself on pic monkey (my home away from home)  I decided to download the blank one for that very reason.  I created folders that have titles like: "Need to File" so I can go back to it to filter through it from time to time.  My categories were: "Blog Files", "Photos to File", "Pinterest Posts", "Regulars", and the area at the bottom ended up just a "Misc" section.

I love anything corkboard themed...(as you can tell...see  my blog background?)  So I asked her if she had plans of creating one with corkboard and push pins.  She sounded pretty interested, so I'll be looking out for that soon!  I'll let you know what develops!  In the meantime, click the image below to see lots more at Moritz Fine Designs!