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Honeycomb...In The Home

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1.  Etsy (Asymmetree Design)  /  2.  Etsy (WhiteNest)  /  3. Etsy  (LittleTeaWagon)  /  4. Dot and Bo  /  5.  My Sister's Suitcase  /  6.  Feathers of Gold (DIY)  /  7.  Wanelo  /  8.  Curious Reserve  /  9.  Target  /  10. Project from the book "Everyday Handmade"  via Martingale  / 11.  Clever Spaces  /  12.  Jade and Fern  /  13.  ex-t  /  14.  Society 6   /  15.   O Living  /  16.  Cibone   /  17.  Aspect Ideas  18.  West Elm  /  19.  Urban Outfitters  /  20.  Etsy  (Sharmilaw)

How to Create Custom Color Palettes with "Chip It!"

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image via flikr (Roaul Pop) Link goes to image posted on Pinterest.
Then from there, you can link back to his flikr page.

Trends Inspired By: Watercolor

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1. apartment therapy   2.  style me pretty   3. diy teen   
4. intimate weddings  5.  real simple (diy sites: the proper pinwheel 
| the salty pineapple | taylor tailor  | glamour and grace 6. griottes 
(site in french) 7. lemonade makin' mama 8.  architect's corner  
(west elm blog has a tutorial, however not for this particular room)
more not pictured: design love fest / 

1. piccolini 2.  waldorf (inspired) moms 3.  von maur  
4.  having fun at home  5.  the girl creative  
6.  sorry, site is no longer available but here are some links to same 
diy ideas: pinterest / snixie / swell mayde and lovely indeed  
7.  fun at home with kids  8. osh kosh 9.  etsy (outside in art studio)

1.  etsy (digi buddha paperie)  2.  modernly wed  3. green wedding shoes  
4. brides of north texas  5. oh happy day!  6.  etsy (truleyme)  
7.  style unveiled  8.  matchbook  9.  glamour and grace 10.inspired 
by this and more watercolor wedding inspiration 
here at pretty my party / Oh Lovely Day / inspired by this

1. buzzfeed  2. pinterest (Sheryl Luitjens)   3. deviant art   
4. google+  jukkaphan wongkanit  5. slingerville  6.  deviant art  
7.  buzzfeed  8. pinterest (uploaded by rachel rae)  9. pinterest 
(uploaded by rachel rae) 10. drake official 
(24 more watercolor tattoos on the site) / more here and here

More Sources For Watercolor Inspiration:

Enter The Pin-up Gallery!

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1. Upcycle your childhood favorite with this Activity Book with a handle.

{via Cosmo Cricket}

2. A little help holding your place in a book. A house-shelf! 

{via Donna S.  from Inspiration for Decoration}

3. For cohesion in your decor, cover books in same color and rewrite titles!

{via Utterly Engaged Magazine from Design Sponge}

4. Is your iphone on your ear more than your nose in a book? Check out these bookworm cases by Cassia Beck.  Her designs will fit any interest.

{via a simple life afloat from Society6}

5. Wouldn't you love to where your favorite title around your neck? Leather Book Charm

{via Janet Woodyard from Polliblog}

6. Recycle old books into hidden storage!

{via Linda Rose from Etsy}

7.  Bride & groom ask guests to circle words in a dictionary that would remind them of their wedding day. 

{via Brittney Maxwell from Country Living}

8. These faux brick books are the brilliant work of Daryl Fitzgerald.

{via Jennifer Septic Kerasiotis from Junk Culture}

Impress Using Pic Monkey {Part 1}

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So as everyone on the planet is aware of, Picnik.com is no more. And we miss it so. But the show must go on.  And a team came together {not sure if affiliated with Picnik's people} and created a site strangely similar.  If not better in some aspects but not as awesome in other. {But we won't pout!}

I wanted to talk about and show you how you can create a simple, yet impressive, photo collage.  Now, I don't claim to be a pro or anything. I just like to play around with photo editing and see what I can do. 

So I took my son's photos fresh out of the bath and wanted to do something unique with it.  Alas, the collage!  I'm an avid Picasa user but their collages don't extend to the selection you can get from PicMonkey. So here is one tutorial among others in the future, for the people out there that want to think outside the box in photo editing.


I started to add a simple rounded corner box for the text but later I found a saying bubble that was just like it but had an arrow pointing toward the bottom right photo. Then I adjusted the opacity so it wasn't so intense of a contrast



The border is adjusted by using the eyedropper tool on the color adjusment menu {sorry, no pic} and I hovered the eyedropper over a part of the towel he's wearing.  And the text box was also from the eyedropper, but hovering over the darkest part of the towel.

Then to add a "bubble" effect, I kept adding circle stamps and adjusted the opacity so it appeared to overlap with slight clarity like bubbles do.  Also, you can duplicate a stamp by right-clicking it and clicking "duplicate object" in the drop down menu.

Lastly, I added a border that somewhat resembled the bubbles. Once I completed and saved it after I made the border, I figured it could've stood out just fine without .

Many people may stop at just moving their photos into the boxes and clicking save.  But I tend to think it doesn't take much to add some unique details.  Think about the theme of the photo and accessorize.  You don't leave the house with just a shirt & pants, do you?

Inspired by: {Black Swan}

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I recently watched the movie, Black Swan and was pleasantly surprised at what I saw.  If you haven't seen the trailer already there is a video {below} It stars Natalie Portman as Nina Sayers, a perfectionist ballerina student who takes her potential lead role in Swan Lake so seriously, that she begins to embody the character... {that's all I'm saying so far}   I couldn't even put it in words for you how amazing it was, so I advise that you go straight to the end-all-be-all of movie reviews at IMDB and check out the synopsis.  It was very intense.  If she doesn't at least get an Oscar nod, I'll be shocked.  It also stars Mila Kunis and Vincent Cassel.

But after I watched it, I started feeling a little moved. And wanted to check out how this film would be translated in fashion and art.  So, here is a {somewhat} thorough collection for your enjoyment. 

1.  "Ballet on Pointe"  by BalletArt Etsy
2.  Black Swan- Ballet-Inspired Fashion Lauren Love's...
3.  Ballerina Inspired Wedding Gowns Concepts in Bloom
4.  Swan-Inspired Accessories Brides.com
5.  Everyday Black Swan-inspired Makeup She Knows
6.  Black Swan Inspired Fashion Trend AsianFashion.com
7. Black-tutu Ballerina Ornament Etsy
8. Swan Lake Ballerina Tags Etsy
9.  Lightly Ruffled Tiered Skirt Forever21 also available in pink.
10.  Black Swan Refrigerator Magnet  ebay
11.  More Fashion Inspiration Marie Claire More from MC at bottom.
12.  More Fashion Inspiration On the Fourth Floor
13.  Buy the Black Swan Movie Poster over at AllPosters.com

Other Fashion & Accessories

Cute Headband on Etsy
Makeup and Accessories smudgestyle

Other Black Swan
Inspired Images:

{No Black Swan Pics,
but very beautiful ballet images!}

Black Swan Movie Trailer:

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Movie Info on IMDB.COM

Desktop Dress-up... {September}

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Desktop Calendar Download Freebie!

Head on over to Smashing Magazine
They've got a list of 75 wallpaper calendars to choose from. 
Download one or download them all.  It's impossible to pick a favorite. They are so different, yet so beautiful.   Just pick the size of your moniter and set it as your desktop so you'll never miss a date!

These are a few of my faves.  Enjoy!

Secrets From a "Design Star"

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Congratulations to Emily Henderson for
winning season 5 of "Design Star"


I've been a HUGE fan of "Design Star" on HGTV ever since the first season.  Season 5 just had their finale and

I watched {biting my nails} to see who would win: 

Emily or Michael?


You won't believe me but I was rooting for Emily the whole time... ...well, when Courtland went home on the final four episode.  {I thought he had it in the bag untill they sent him home}

In the week following her victorious moment,
she premiered her new show:
"Secrets From a Stylist" on August 29th.
She totally made me proud when they aired the first episode. She made-over the home of co-creator of "Glee", Ian Brennan.
Check out her new show here:

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This is Emily hard at work... planning her layout
{all photos via HGTV}
If you missed the premiere,
Watch her new show's encore episode:

Saturday, September 04, 2010 at 8:00 PM on HGTV



Are you a fan of Emily? Tell me what you think.