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Kid's Project #3 : Make Your Own Beach Sand!

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Wanna keep your toddler busy?  Take 'em to the beach!  Don't worry, you won't have to leave your house...ok, maybe your backyard.  You can make your own beach sand with 2 kitchen staples everyone has in their kitchen.  All you need to make it is vegetable oil and flour! That's it!  Here's what you need to do:

I found it to be more effective by mixing first with a spatula or wooden spoon so your hands don't have to get too oily.  Then when it seems to be mixed up into the flour, ditch the spoon and get your hands in the mixture. 

Keep sifting and separating the "globs" with your fingers until it's a little more dense.  If you want to add more oil or flour to make a larger batch, you can, just watch the consistancy so that it's not too cakey. If it is, just add more flour.

It's moldable so your child can make sandcastles or build mountains! 

It can also be stored in an air-tight container for months! 

Rx For Toddler Boredom: Pipe Cleaners!

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Keeping a toddler entertained without grabbing the remote can be exhausting sometimes, and thinking of ideas on the spot isn't easy either.  Wanna know why??  Well, here's a quick sample of what happens when you need ideas:

Open laptop..."ooh, I have mail..." check mail... [notifications from Pinterest]..."ooh, I could sooo make that!"....(pinning...pinning...pinning)..."Mom, Mom, Mom....Mom...", "Ok, sorry, you need something to do?...Let me check Pinterest for some awesome ideas."...(pinnning)..."Ooh, I would love to travel there!...(pinning...pinning...pinning....)  "Omg! Nutella Waffles??...Yes, please! ...(pinning...pinning...pinning...)

So, I think you know where this is going.  (At least, I hope you do...don't make me feel alone here.)  Let's just say distraction is the Devil!!   Nevertheless, here we are with a boredom buster that ironically, I did not find on Pinterest...I swear...I thought of it all by myself...honestly

I just grabbed an empty cereal box, poked a bunch of holes with an awl and put it on the floor with a bin of different colored pipe cleaners.  If you don't have pipe cleaners in your home, shame on you you can get them at any dollar store in your town (At the dollar stores they are usually called "chenille stems".

I did the first few so he could see how it's done and voila!  He sat there for what seemed like at least 45 minutes bending red over blue and yellow through green. 

It really was a work of art, I tell ya! Not to mention, a great activity for the development of gross motor skills.  And to tell you the truth, if you walked in at that time, you would've seen me on my belly right there beside him.  It was actually kinda fun!

Then I went even further and showed him how to make a mini raceway with arches.  I removed all the pipe cleaners and arched them from the left side of the box to the right and elevated the box for a quick ramp effect. and he loved seeing the car go down and, of course, crash.  This added another 15 minutes or so of me getting things done, (which didn't involve opening a laptop.)

So the next time you finish off your cereal, give this a go, they'll thank you!

Kid's Project #3: ABC Matching

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Celebrate "Crayola Crayon" Day with 28 Crayon Crafts!

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(top photo project included in list, bottom photo source)

So I recently discovered through daysoftheyear.com, that March 31st is Crayola Crayon Day!  I figured it would make an awesome diy list to share to celebrate what originated 111 years ago!!  The creation of the magical, ageless crayon. Here's what the site had to say about it:

Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, Violet…no, we’re not talking about a rainbow, but rather just some of the 400 different shades of crayon colours Crayola has produced since 1903!  What a perfect opportunity to celebrate its bright and colourful addition to the world with Crayola Crayon Day!  Crayola began its life as a company when cousins Edwin Binney and C. Harold Smith took over a pigment business in 1885 that Edwin’s father owned. Since then, they have produced a core set of 120 crayon colours; but they have also come out with many unique sets; including metallic coloured crayons, gem tones colours,and even scented ones.  So, why not let your inner child out on Crayola Crayon Day? Find a colouring book and a box of Crayola crayons, and get to work? It’s a therapeutic and enjoyable way to pass some time, and you can even hang your finished picture on yourfridge when you’re done!

1. say yes  /  2. picklebums  /  3. little inspiration / also pieces of polly and flower patch farmgirl  /  4. idlewife  /  5. a faithful attempt  /  6. sorry source unknown - similar tutorial  7. pinterest (Christine Snyder)  /  8. crafty confessions  /  9. pieces of polly  10. ehow   /  11. crayola's pinterest board (they have tons of ideas)  12. home based mom   /  13. chic cheap nursery  /  14.  happy hooligans  /  15. totally tots  /  16.  crafts by amanda  and kinderdi  /  17.  crafts unleashed  /  18. under the sycamore  /  19. my frugal adventures / also mini-eco  and  let's explore  /  20. learn create love  /  21. itkupilli  /  22. spoonful  /  23. kix cereal  /   24. lines across and dollar store crafts  /  25.  special occasions   /  26.  wild olive and youtube (martingale)  /  27. one potato, two potato, three potato, four  /  28.  artful parent

Crayon Sorter |  my life of travels and adventures

Crayon Block |  ana white       |       3D Melted Crayon Art  |  squidoo

DIY Crayons Using Glue Stick Containers | kids activities blog

'On-The-Go' Travel Box Using Wipes Container | deal wise mommy

Melted Crayon Salt Dough Ornaments | the artful parent

Recycle a Soda Bottle to Store Crayons | create with mom

Painting With Melted Crayons | gathering beauty

Activities for Crayon Related Picture Books:

The Crayon Box That Talked | fun with firsties 

The Day The Crayons Quit | enchanted homeschooling mom

Harold and the Purple Crayon | dundee montessori

Note: My apologies to Crayola. While it uncertain which crayons were used in all 
of these tutorials, it is apparent that two of these projects were created with the 
use of a crayon brand that isn't. I can't speak for them but, I'm sure they send
out their apologies, too. :D

Kid's Project #2 {ABC Block Rubbing}

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Pin-up Gallery {Grandparents Day!}

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Here are my Pinteret finds for Grandparent's Day Crafts.

 1. Let your child's inner artist blossom with this Watercolor Resist Card 
 2. Let your child scribble to their hearts desire for this cute Sharpie bowl gift.
 3. Your child will feel like they're really there with them when they send this Hug Card.
 4. Footprints make the perfect heart shape. Just assemble in a frame for a 
   perfect gift.
 5. Make this easy Keepsake box with child's photo (or fill with rocks and 
   make it a paper weight.)
 6. Make a handprint coaster of your grandchild's hand for you...and you make 
   one of your hand for them
 7. include the whole family in this personalized family tree pillow
 8. Let Grandma and Grandpa know they are #1 with this unique surprise mug.
 9. These easy "Hug in the mail" hand prints are sure to bring tears.
10. They will treasure they're grandchild's one of a kind fingerprint pendant 
   everywhere they go. (Could also work as a key chain)
11. Embroider child's handprint, name and age and leave in hoop for 
   unique hanging artwork.
12. This keepsake will remind them of how small their hand print was when 
     Grandparents held their hand.
13. Create an accordion photo brag book for them to display on a shelf. 
14. Create this corsage for Grandma... made from felt cut outs of kids' hands.
15. These matchstick photo magnets will remind them of how big they're getting.
16. Your Scrabble-Loving grandparents will love this unique framed message 
   incorporating their favorite family game.
17. Using the first letter of child's name, decoupage their artwork for an instant 
   unique shelf keepsake.
18. Using saved envelopes from the letters from Granny, turn the postmark into 
   unique key chains.
19. This "Send-a-hug" idea will surely win a smile upon arrival at Grandma's!
20. Make photo magnets with flat-bottomed glass marbles.  Personalize some 
   by including their interests and inspirational quotes and words.


{Oh Snap!} 20 Photo Ideas for Back 2 School!

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{I've painstakingly compiled what I would call the "BEST" list for Back to School Photos you will see on the internet.  All 20 links are provided at bottom of list.  Try one, try some, or try 'em all!  But more importantly, have fun with it and you never know... it may inspire you to create your own ideas!  If so, feel free to send it my way so I can showcase it for you.}

1. Rocket City Mom

2. Blue Cricket Design

3. Pinterest

4. The Daily Buzz

5. Pinterest

6. TCI

7. A Few of my Favorite Things

8. Happy Home Fairy

9. Kidz

10. Christina Dieselberg

11. Silverbox Creative Studio

12. Crissy's Crafts

13. Rocket City Mom

14. Pinterest

15. Ruffles and Stuff

16. Mommy Minded

17. Sarah Elizabeth Photography / Pinterest

18. Made It

19. Really Good Stuff

20. Women's Day / United Way

Junk in Their Trunk


Sugar Bee Crafts

Becky Higgins

B Couture Photography


Allison's Wonderland

Mrs. FireMom's Flikr Page

The Savvy Photographer


Crissy's Crafts

Harper's Happenings

Susie Leggett's Flikr Page


Kindergarten Kindergarten

The Homespun Heart

Stamp Works

Link'n Log {Back to School Edition}

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Link'n Log {Back to School Edition}

Here's my list of links that might interest you in

2012's Back to School season:

Be unique this year with this easy Apple Stamped Drawstring Backpack

via  Alpha mom

DIY Burlap and Bloc Printed Pencil Case

via casa-diseno-blog.com

Personalize each of their school photos as they move on the next grade level with these Painted Wood Back to School Frames  via  Fave Crafts

More DIY Back to School Projects Here

Back to School Infographic: What do you enjoy most about

sending your child back to school this year?

via Infographic Journal

Back to School Bottecap Magnets

via Love 2 Upcycle

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Back To School! - 5 Different Braided Hairstyles via Youtube

Classic looks with Tees, jeans and converse sneakers

are a must for back to school 2012

via denver post

Layering Pretty Prints with T-shirts & Jeans Accessorizing with Headbands & Flats

via Super Shopping Masala


Who will he be this school year?  Preppy?...  Cool?...  Sporty?

via  OshKosh

Color Blocking Simplicity!

via Best Girls Fashion

Boost your back to school fashion with unexpected neon & accessories!

via  It's Super Fashion

Bright Neon Color Accessories!

via Bridgette Raes

You can top it off with earrings made out of colored pencils like these

I spotted on Pinterest. {source: unknown}

How cute is this? Sweet Funky Vintage Back to School Collection

via Simply Rosie

Giant Wooden Pencil via   Perpetual Kid

I Read a Book Notepad

via Perpetual Kid

Let them know you love them with these Lunch Box Notes

via  Say Please

Back To School Cookies!

via cake central

Blackboard Cupcakes  

via Family Fun

School Clothes Shopping Check List

via controlling my chaos

Now Go Have Fun & Learn Something!!

Cardboard Crafts!

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With the summer rapidly approaching, what better time to pull out the cardboard boxes and packaging you saved in your {already packed} garage and have some good ol' free fun with the kids?

Check out the links below to venture to the best sites featuring the cheapest construction material on the planet!

32 Things to make using cardboard  {tip junkie}

Cardboard Ottoman  {esprit cabane}

Kids Box Crafts  {artists helping children}

Cardboard Box Crafts  {talking child}

Cute Cardboard Box Crafts  {parents.com}

Cardboard Crafts  {family fun}

Cardboard Crafts  {wiki how}

Cardboard Piece Craft Projects  {about.com}

34 Ways to Reuse Cardboard  {kaboose}

Cut-out Cardboard Coffee Table  {guardian.co.uk}

Cardboard Thank You Cards  {design*sponge}

Fun With Boxes  {squidoo}

How to Work With Cardboard  {ikat bag}

Projects Using Cardboard  {cut out & keep}

Cardboard Craft Search  {pinterest}

"...if You {Believe} in Yourself..."

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"Thumbs Up For Rock and Roll!"

I think we can all learn a thing or two from this little dude!

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10 {Awesome} Father's Day Projects!

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make and takes

martha stewart

The Light Garden

martha stewart

ziggity zoom


parent dish

oh my crafts


twinkle toes


Mix Tunes for Dad alphamom

Popsicle Stick Photo Puzzle impress your kids

Father’s Day Coupon Book Craft (Printable) krafty kid

Easy Father's Day Crafts for Kids to Make bh&g

Father's Day Bookmarks create:

Free Printable: Father's Day Scratch Off Card design dazzle

Father's Day Gifts pinterest

Father's Day Quotes and Cards martha stewart

Father's Day Roundup one pretty thing

Father’s Day Kid Crafts  multiply delicious

Personalized Barbeque Condiment Bottles amazing moms

Father's Day Cards Kids Can Make crafty crow

Altoid Tin Mini Toolboxes alphamom

Father's Day Free Printable a proffitable life

Father's Day Favorites cool kids

Kid's Project #01 {Finish The Picture}

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I got this idea from a nifty li'l site called: Art Projects For Kids
Kathy Barbro is an art teacher in Cali for K-5 students...
and loves every minute of it!
Here is a few of her entries:


She posted this idea called: "Finish the picture" and I figured I could try it with the kids at my church and see how they did. 
{We formed "Star Club" with the children ages 5-12}

Turns out they abolutely loooved it and I loved seeing the results!  I actually found more talent than I ever imagined out of our little "Stars"  They instanly grasped the concept and went right to work. {I featured some of the results at the bottom}

All you need for this project is:
Crayons, Art Paper, Glue stick & Magazine images
{and construction paper if you want to mount it. 
This gives it a cute border}

This project is easy to do and is good for having them cut out the images or could also work if you pre-cut the images and glue them on the paper beforehand.  {which is what I did.  It keeps the kids away from scissors and doesn't make a mess of scrap paper.}

I picked pictures that had movement, pictures of animals, food, familiar children celebrities, and cars {the boys looooved those!}... The possibilities are endless!

Then after I explained the process and gave them their images on paper.  They let their imaginations do the work.

Here are a few of my faves:

Here's the website for further ideas:

Have fun!


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So, today I'm going to show you how to make a cute flower ring out of pipe cleaners.  I saw this project {of course} on Martha and was like OMG!... {well, you know the rest!}
When I tried it myself, I couldnt believe how easy it was.  It's definitely a project that anyone can do.  And a project you can do with your children. It's virtually fool-proof.
Oh, and the best part... each ring, if you break it down, only cost pennies to make.  All I did was buy a pack of chenille pipe cleaners at Dollar Tree.
All you need is...{drumroll please} 

Just grab 6 of any solid color that you want the petals to be. 
And one green one. {for the leaves.} As you can see, I chose pink... {my favorite color} If you choose to do a rainbow flower, that's fine too!  BE CREATIVE!
Here's how you can sooooooo make this ring.

Step One:
First, take all the pipe cleaners {not the green one, we'll talk about that later}and twist them in the middle around about 2-3 times. So the end result is something like whiskers. {meow}
Step Two:
Wrap them around whatever finger you will fit them onto.
Step Three:
Twist again a few more times. Then remove finger.
Step Four:
Holding the "ring" part, spread all the "stems" apart evenly so they begin to look like an asterick*
Step Five:
Starting with whatever "stem" you want, start coiling
vertically to the center of the asterick.
Step Six:
Continue doing this step until you have done all coils. 
{oh yeah,  this will ache your hands a bit... but you'll live}
Then move and position them around to make them more realistic looking.  While doing this, also place your thumb in the center of each petal, so they almost "cup" like petals would.  Sometimes this step takes a few minutes...
depending upon how OCD you are!

Step Seven:
Grab the green pipe cleaner {see? told ya!}  And wrap the center of it around the base of the flower all the way around to the other side and twist {tightly}. 
Step Eight:
Once they are in 10:00 and 2:00 position under your petals, begin wrapping them toward the base, just like you did with the petals.  Except this time, coil horizontally.
Step Nine:
Pinch the leaves on the sides to create more of a "leaf" formation. Once they are done, position them as you wish.

There you have it! 
...Soooo trendy!
{Note:  On the Martha video tutorial, {and in the pic below} you'll notice that she put a metallic coil in the center. I chose not to do this because I just like the simple look better.}

{image via: Martha Stewart}

Project Cost:
Pipe Cleaners: $1.00/pk {Dollar Tree}

Project Total: $1.00
{and you can make many, many, many rings with that!}
Other ideas include:
Pen Toppers
Key Chains
Hat Pins

Make adjustments on the base of the
flower accordingly if not making a ring.

Pop Quiz Felt Block Tutorial

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The "Pop Quiz Block"

was an idea I thought of a few weeks ago to ignite conversation and relationship between children in my church.  It also allows them to learn more about each other and

interact in a different way.



We have a commitee that we created that brings the children ages 5-12 together to teach them about respect, honor, love, obedience and of course, to have fun and interact with other children via teamwork and games.  The commitee, or as we titled it: {Star Club} get together on atleast one evening a month to do themed crafts, practice songs,

go on field trips and discuss topics. 

It also gives the parents a few hours to go and do as they wish.


This project is very inexpensive and very easy. It's not only for a group of children, however.  

It also is ideal for families or just a mother or father and child to learn

more about them and for them to learn more about you. 

Check out the end of the tutorial for examples of this.



What you need to make your Pop Quiz Block:





{whatever 6 colors you choose,

I liked every color of the rainbow}

Small zip bags

{you can find these in the

jewelry aisle at any crafts store}


Embroidery Thread

{color of your choice}

Fiberfill or poly-fil


{oops... not pictured!}



Here's how you can {soooo} make it:


Step One: Using a template, cut all the pieces of felt to 6''x6''


Step Two: Cut the zip part of the bags off.



Step Three: Grab the embroidery thread and needle, use the whip-stitch method to sew the edges of the bag to the center of the felt.

{the two layers wont serve any purpose,

it just keeps it stronger}   


Leave one end open.  Technically, it doesn't matter

which end you choose.  


Do this on all 6 sheets of felt.


Step Four:  Grab 2 of the sheets of felt and hand sew each together using the blanket-stitch technique.  We'll call the red square "A" and the orange square "B"

{You can't really tell, but behind this red 

square is an orange square.} 


Step Five:  Then grab the third square and continue with the stitching with piece "C" connected to piece "B"


Step Six:  Technically you should be able to continue the process without having to move locations with your needle and thread.   Continue by attaching "D" to "B" then "E" to "B"

{Don't forget..."B" is the orange square} 


Step Seven: All six sides should come together rather easily.  Using polyfil, stuff the cube and using chopsticks or crochet needles, poke the polyfil into the corners.

{note: Naughty-me forgot to do this step so if you don't do it, it's okay.  It still serves the purpose.} 


Step Eight: Finish blanket stitching after sfuffing.  If you want the cube less squishy like a pillow and more rigid like a cube, you can line each of the squares inside

with sheets of thin cardboard like cereal boxes.


Step Nine:  Finish off by inserting pieces of paper stating questions like:

"Describe yourself in 3 words."

"If you could be any animal, what would it be?"

"What's your favorite color?"





Other Ideas for the "Pop Quiz Block":

The beauty of this project is that you can change it up depending on the activity. 

If you're working with kids, the above questions are great.   But if you're working with teenagers, your questions will

be different {or hip....if you will} 

You can also change them to themes or activities for parties or showers, or use it for tasks or talents to perform!


This block is also perfect for babies to recognize

objects, colors, numbers, letters or even photos

of their family members!


Parents could also use it to deligate chores to their children.


Another way to make it is to use blank wood cubes and decopage images or words for games.

{maybe i'll do that as anther tutorial in the future!}




{photo edited on: picnik.com}


Here are a few hand-stitch tutorials that might help you also:

Little Brown Bird  

Future Girl

Needle 'n' Thread {with videos!}

Project Cost:

Felt: $.25/sheet @ 8 sheets = $2.00 {Wal-mart}

Embroidery Thread: $1.50 {Joann's}

Needle: {on hand}

Polyfoam: {on hand - pulled from an old throw pillow!}

but you can get it at Joann's for $2.50

Project Total: $6.00