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Site I'm Sooo Lovin' This Week: Poppin.com

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So, upon sifting through one of my favorite sites, Brit + Co., I happened to notice a sister site called Poppin.com.  I fell in love and it made me wish I owned an office. 

Take a gander at what they offer or just head on over to the site I'm sooo lovin' this week:  Poppin.com

Click on image to shop by color:

I love their streemlined simple no-patterned style.

And you can mix and match items and create your own palettes.

They even have nifty freebie downloads for you to trick out your stapler and

scissors! And they have desk goodies from a dartboard to tiki-style desk fringe!

Can we say "Mahalo"?

On their freebie page they also offer printables like lunch notes

...and genuine fake certificates!  This one would be given to me:

One of my favorite features is their Design-a-desk option. It gives you twenty different colors & palettes to inspire you to be the next "Little Miss Organized"!

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If video won't play you can view it on YouTube here

Now that I have assisted in your source of your next office supplies, you may need a little inspiration with design and organization.  Click below to check out my Office and Craft Room Pinterest board:

Select Poppin Products are also available at

"Michael" & I have an understanding...

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My day at Michael's


My night at Michael's left me quite satisfied.  I love when something is much less expensive than the "beeps" at the checkout counter lead you to believe. 


However... I was quite disappointed when I discovered something I wanted so badly was not eligible for my 40% off coupon!  I didn't know that publications didn't fall in that category.  I want this book (actually, it's an expensive magazine.) soooo bad. 

It's called "Simply Handmade". [sighs] Just the cover is beautiful...[bats eyes]

It's only $14.95 but I had to be careful and keep my blinders on and get what I came for:  felt & scrapbook paper... and some odds & ends.  Ironically I spent $14.00.  Which made me happy that I got as much as I did but

bummed because I sooo wanted that super-mag!

There's always next week!...If I'm not mistaken that's about $2.00 a day...right?


Here is their blog and links to subscribe to others in the series:



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