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12 DIY Mini Album + Journal Projects

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(correction: Project was featured on Skip to my Lou, but  the creator of the project was a guest blogger from Polka Dot Chair.  My apologies.)

Tutorial: Father's Day Collared Shirt & Tie Card

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(my mistake: there is no step 7...it's not missing, I just skipped from step 6 to step 8 by mistake...I dunno...just move on...nothin' to see here...)

Here are alternate variations:

Pretty Nice  /  {{{http://www.gingersnapcrafts.com/2014/06/diy-cards-for-fathers-day.html?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+blogspot%2FqPqxh+%28{Ginger+Snap+Crafts}%29}}}[email protected]@-{{{Gingersnap Crafts}}}

"I love My Granny More Than..." Keepsake Book Tutorial

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Well in honor of Grandparents Day which is September 8th, I decided to feature a Granny Keepsake Book that I previously completed for my mother from my son.  I must say I was taken aback at how it turned out.  It took me about a month (of and on) to complete and thought it would never get done! 

But here is a tutorial just in time for grandparents day so you can complete your own from your child to your parents. 

I want to mention that I apologize if some of the steps seem vague. There are missing files on the steps while doing the actual project.  I'm not sure what happened but the "stitching portion" of the tutorial is unfortunately missing.  However, I did include some links throughout the post to really great tutorials so you won't miss any steps. 

Secondly, I have yet to do a tutorial on recycled paper.  So I searched online for great links on that subject.  My favorites are here:

Kiss The Groom     Hub Pages     Montessori by Hand      DIY Studio      Mega Crafty

The Open End     Fun Sci     Pioneer Thinking     Ready, Set, Craft!

Starting with an even amount of sheets of recycled paper, plan out what you want it to say, and that may be based on what photos you have if you want to choose from your printed photos.  If you are going with fresh content, then grab the camera and snap away at what you are wanting it to based on.

This tutorial will help inspire what to put but by all means have fun and go with whatever suits your desires.  Be yourself!

When you have planned out what's going on each page, make a quick sketch on paper to keep track of what page is going to have what.  And also what orientation each page will be regarding the photo.  (pic on left and text on right and vice versa)

Step One:

Using an exacto knife, I trimmed a square opening on each page.  I knew that I was going to alternate each page's orientation so I figured I could just flip it upside down when the time came to do layout.

As stated above in photo, if you're going to do this with recycled paper, don't feel like you have to be perfect on this step.  The tattered edges are part of the charm.

Step Two:

I cut the opening off-centered to give myself room to put captions and embellishments.

{finished stack}

Step Three:

Then I rolled the edges outward to give it more of a worn look.

Step Four:

I made the last opening a rectangle instead of a square so it became the finale photo for the ending of the book.

This is an example of how to affix the photo into the window of the paper:

Step Five:

This step was one of those afterthoughts that I realized how happy I was to catch myself before I got too far into the project to fix.  I duct taped the backs of each page after taping the photo to the top edge of the back of the window, but BEFORE I added any stitching. 

This served as a very sturdy surface for me to stitch so the paper wouldn't fall apart.

Step Six:

If you hadn't noticed already, the cover read: "I love my Granny..." so I put "...More than..." on the first page and continued the stitching with a swirly pattern onto the next page creating my list of things he loves her "more than".

I used a faint shade of green so it was legible, but didn't make the page too busy.  It was important that the photos stood out significantly.

Here is a tutorial that I located online to guide you on how
to stitch in cursive with embroidery thread on paper:

{source: freckled nest}

Here are other helpful links:

Crafts Unleashed, The Scrap Angel, About.com

Step Seven:

Then upon finding photos of my son with the things he loves, I stitched what was going on in the picture.

Step Eight:

I stitched around the photo to frame it and make it appear more finished.

Step Nine:

{He loves his little tykes car and looking at his Elmo books}

Step Ten:

After I added the text, I added embellishments to support the images and likes. such as a sun for playing outside and a fork and a long noodle for eating spaghetti.

Because my mom is a sucker for all things handmade from me, I was determined to use whatever I had lying around.  So I had to use my imagination many times during this process.

On the page featuring "Reading Books", I made a book out of newspaper pages and cardstock from the packaging of some stickers.   I roughed up the pages to look worn and stitched the binding.  Then pinched the pages at the binding so the pages would flare out and appear three-dimensional.

For the "Peek-a-boo" page, I used wire and none other than one of his beloved receiving blankets he's had since birth.  {...He's only 2, Pam!}  Anyway, it's my favorite, and yes, I saved the remnants for future projects!

The heart for the "Elmo" page was red fur meant to represent Elmo's fur.  It was upcycled from a stuffed valentine dog I purchased at a thrift store for 50 cents.  Boy, was it ugly, too!  Looked like it was won at a broke-down state fair! 

I HAD to put it out of it's misery!

Other Examples:

Here are some of the embellishments up close for detail.

Step Eleven:

For the finale page, I happened to have a photo of him pointing.  So I finished the sequence with the page saying "All these things I love, but not more than you!"  Then I stitched a "frame-like" design around the photo.

Step Twelve:

Behind the finale photo page, I wrote her a message just from me to her {not shown} and then to personalize the back page, I traced his hand with a pencil and stitched it with a message saying "Bye-Bye".

Step Thirteen:

After ALL stitching and embellishments were completed, I finally did a second application of duct tape and this made the pages even more secure and durable.

Step Fourteen:

Using double-stick tape, I adhered the pages together back-to-back paying close attention to my plan and making sure the order was staying true to my design in mind.  If you want to use a second adhesive like decoupage or a glue gun that would be fine too.

Step Fifteen:

Then I stitched a basic stab binding with a complimentary color thread.  I used a tutorial I found here at tuts+

The Finished Book!

Here is the finished book. 

I hope you enjoyed viewing this and know you'll be able to produce one even greater.  You can do it!  And your parents will finally stop bugging you for not making them anything!!  LOL

Have Fun!

Kid's Project #01 {Finish The Picture}

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I got this idea from a nifty li'l site called: Art Projects For Kids
Kathy Barbro is an art teacher in Cali for K-5 students...
and loves every minute of it!
Here is a few of her entries:


She posted this idea called: "Finish the picture" and I figured I could try it with the kids at my church and see how they did. 
{We formed "Star Club" with the children ages 5-12}

Turns out they abolutely loooved it and I loved seeing the results!  I actually found more talent than I ever imagined out of our little "Stars"  They instanly grasped the concept and went right to work. {I featured some of the results at the bottom}

All you need for this project is:
Crayons, Art Paper, Glue stick & Magazine images
{and construction paper if you want to mount it. 
This gives it a cute border}

This project is easy to do and is good for having them cut out the images or could also work if you pre-cut the images and glue them on the paper beforehand.  {which is what I did.  It keeps the kids away from scissors and doesn't make a mess of scrap paper.}

I picked pictures that had movement, pictures of animals, food, familiar children celebrities, and cars {the boys looooved those!}... The possibilities are endless!

Then after I explained the process and gave them their images on paper.  They let their imaginations do the work.

Here are a few of my faves:

Here's the website for further ideas:

Have fun!

Beau-TEA-ful Gift Idea!

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Tea Cards.


Tea Cards are something I created a few years ago that I thought would be the perfect get-well-soon gift...on a budget.  If you notice, the materials only cost under about $5.00.  Other than the tools it takes to make it.  The only thing you need to purchase is the tea itself.  And with all the varieties out there, you have millions of possibilities. 


Look for lowered priced tea in grocery stores or I found a huge variety pack at Marshall's in the gift section. 


Read on to see how you can make this and get inspired to make your own variations.




You will need:

  • Scrapbook Paper or fabric (you can use plenty of scraps lying around the house)
  • one tea bag
  • magazine subscription insert  (you know... those annoying white cards all over the floor at Barnes & Noble's magazine section?)
  • scissors or straight edge cutter
  • stapler
  • glue stick
  • gold metallic marker (optional)


How you can sooo make it:


  • Step One: Pick two complimentary patterns of scrapbook paper.  (again, if you desire to use fabric that's fine.  I just prefer the polished look of scrapbook paper.  In this tutorial, I used me & my big ideas patterned paper that I got at Michael's )


  • Step Two: Use glue stick to apply glue to one of the sides of the magazine subscription card and place on the backside of one the sheets of scrapbook paper.  This will be your base. 



  • Step Three: Cut the corners off so you can wrap the excess around to the back and adhere.  Then place a size smaller of alternate piece to back to clean up what's exposed.


  • Step Four:  Ok, the base is done for now.  Carefully unwrap the tea bag and put the tea bag aside  for now.  The tea bag wrapper should now serve as a template to make a new decorative wrapper.






  • Step Five:  Trace the tea wrapper template onto the opposing patterned paper.  Using gold marker trim the edges to make the new wrapper look finished and polished.



  • Step Six:  Staple the top of the tea bag to the inside flat edge of the new wrapper. 


  • Step Seven:  Fold the paper and seal the tip to close your tea bag wrapper.  Then take the same patterned paper and cover the tea "dipping tag" (not sure of the technical term... )  then place the name of the tea over that.   (sorry, the second part is not pictured)


  • Step Eight:  Using a little of the glue, place the wrapped tea bag on the base on the left or the right, whichever you choose.  And lightly glue the "tag" on the opposite side.


(picture above doesn't have the tea name on

the tag yet.  My printer was temporarily down.)

  • Step Nine:  Finally, embellish with odds & ends in btm empty corner to rid of dead space.  A few ideas:  type a message, place a photo, cut out images from mags or catalogs.  In this project, I used an image of a teapot from a poster catalog and a nice quote.  I also cut out a flower from the patterned paper from the wrapper and placed the tag on top of it. 

  • Step Ten:  Cut the instructions out from the original wrapper and glue to back of finished tea card and slip into plastic sleeve.  This is an awesome gift for any tea-lover.  There are tons of varieties of tea out there that you can use.  The tea flavor can give you inspiration for the scrapbook paper and embellishments to use.  For example:  If you use peppermint tea around the holidays, you can use peppermint patterned paper and felt for a base and a candy cane to stir the tea!  And finish off by wrapping all together with a bow.  Ooh... I soooo want to make that now!

Check out my "Projects" section to view others that I made. 

Let me know what you think or if you have any questions.

"Michael" & I have an understanding...

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My day at Michael's


My night at Michael's left me quite satisfied.  I love when something is much less expensive than the "beeps" at the checkout counter lead you to believe. 


However... I was quite disappointed when I discovered something I wanted so badly was not eligible for my 40% off coupon!  I didn't know that publications didn't fall in that category.  I want this book (actually, it's an expensive magazine.) soooo bad. 

It's called "Simply Handmade". [sighs] Just the cover is beautiful...[bats eyes]

It's only $14.95 but I had to be careful and keep my blinders on and get what I came for:  felt & scrapbook paper... and some odds & ends.  Ironically I spent $14.00.  Which made me happy that I got as much as I did but

bummed because I sooo wanted that super-mag!

There's always next week!...If I'm not mistaken that's about $2.00 a day...right?


Here is their blog and links to subscribe to others in the series:



Scrapbook Trends


Simply Handmade




Bead Trends


Other Idea Books