I Could {Sooo} Make That!

"Cool Stuff You Can Make... And it's Easier Than You Think!"

 Many times I would flip through magazines, catalogs or the internet and see items that were overpriced, but sooo simple. I was always saying,
"I could soooo make that!"
I knew I had the ability to do it myself. I've started with small projects to see if I challenge myself to do what I saw. And now that I've done a few things & am still learning I want to educate others on how to do the things that they MUST know they're capable of.
Who knows? You could be inspired & find yourself saying...
"Oh My Gosh!...I could soooo make that!"
Just venture on over to my blog and check out my tutorials for amazing and fun projects that anyone can do, or click on links to see the source of my inspiration. 
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