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Don't Buy Him Ties For Father's Day...TIE His Ties!

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(also known as the "Cape Knot")






We Can All Learn Something From Captain Jack!

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We can all learn something from Captain Jack Sparrow!  In order to change our lives, we must change our attitude! 

image via  /  edtied on picasa & pic monkey  /  quote via

12 DIY Mini Album + Journal Projects

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(correction: Project was featured on Skip to my Lou, but  the creator of the project was a guest blogger from Polka Dot Chair.  My apologies.)

A Baker's Dozen ...and then some!

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June 6th is National Donut Day and you know how I roll.  When there is a silly interesting national holiday, I go all out to show you trends from awesome to zany to check out. Because besides Homer Simpson, who wouldn't want to don a blinding repeating pattern of America's favorite donut drowning in pink frosting and sprinkles on their sweatshirt?

I'll have you know, this post wasn't easy.  I couldn't refrain and this list could  not...I repeat: could NOT be titled "Baker's Dozen" alone.  Thirteen wouldn't have cut it. There was just so much to share with you.  They are sooo pretteee. And frankly, I have a stomachache from all the donut binging I have done for your viewing pleasure....  It was a sacrifice, I tell ya!

1.  Resin Donut Fridge Magnets - set of four $16.00 |  Etsy (CreaShines)

2.  Donut Patterned Crewneck Sweatshirt $29.95  |  Zumiez

3.  Crochet Donut Pin Cushion  |  Etsy (Cyrillas Crochet)

4.  Gigantic Donut Pool Float  $18.00  |  Fancy

5.  DIY Donut Pumpkins  |  Studio DIY

6.  Simpsons Donut Nails  |  YouTube (HalahAllyah) via Pinterest

7.  Paper Plate Donut Garland (Kids Project)  |  My Poppet

8.  DIY Donut Balloons  |  Studio DIY

9.  DIY Donut Doormat (Ikea Hack)  |  The House That Lars Built

10.  Paper Donut Gift Box (with free printable)  |  Minieco

11.  DIY Donut Pinata | Studio DIY

12.  Frosted Mini Donut Soap 6pk  $7.00 |  Etsy (Soapopatamus)

13.  Perler Bead Donut Coaster Set  |  Pop That Cassette

14.  Polymer Clay Donut Charm Bracelet  $27.00  |  Etsy (Zjakazumi)

15.  Donut Necklace $10.00 |  Etsy (OwlNest)

16.  Grreat Choice Donut Dog Chew Toy  |  Polyvore

17.  "Donut Worry, Eat Sprinkles" Print  |  Etsy (shoplemonfresh)

18.  Polymer Clay Donut Earrings  $25.00  |  Etsy (Nechegonadet)

19. DIY Donut Tire Prank  |  Studio DIY

20.  Hello Kitty Frosted Donut Key Cap  $5.99  |  Mod Cloth

Honorable Mentions:

Frosted Donut Puzzle  |  FoodBeast

Donut Sweatshirt  |  Nitrolicious

Donut Printable Gift Tag  |  Make Bake Celebrate

Ceramic Donut Coin Bank  |  Etsy  (ModClay)

DIY Felt Donuts  |  Try it. You Might Like it.

Crocheted Pink Frosted Donut  |  Loee. M.

DIY Ombre Powdered Donuts  |  Paper + Stitch

Adorable Donut Fine Art Print  |  Baby Friendly Boltholes / Belle & Boo

DIY Donut Floppy Sun Hat  |  Studio DIY

Super Sweet Donut Onesie Tutorial  | Hearts in Crafts

DIY Simple & Sweet Felt Donut Pillow  |  A Beautiful Mess

Psst...It's also National Yo-yo day, so if you're not a fan of donuts, you still have my permission to throw some confetti....Yay, Yo-yos!!

Honeycomb...In The Home

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1.  Etsy (Asymmetree Design)  /  2.  Etsy (WhiteNest)  /  3. Etsy  (LittleTeaWagon)  /  4. Dot and Bo  /  5.  My Sister's Suitcase  /  6.  Feathers of Gold (DIY)  /  7.  Wanelo  /  8.  Curious Reserve  /  9.  Target  /  10. Project from the book "Everyday Handmade"  via Martingale  / 11.  Clever Spaces  /  12.  Jade and Fern  /  13.  ex-t  /  14.  Society 6   /  15.   O Living  /  16.  Cibone   /  17.  Aspect Ideas  18.  West Elm  /  19.  Urban Outfitters  /  20.  Etsy  (Sharmilaw)

8 Links to Buzz About (06/01)

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1.  Can you imagine how yummy these cookies with gummy bears must be?

2.  I love the idea of filling a family tree with photo printed leaves!

3.  A simple, novel card idea for when you miss the one you love.

4.  My newest dream car, the Mini Superleggera Vision.  Yes, Please!

5.  An ice cube tray makes ice cubes that looks like raindrops!

6.  I'm on "Cloud 9" about this adorable ceramic pendant from Shoppe!

7.  Got a $1000 bucks lyin' around?...Light up your deck with this bad boy!

8.  This beautiful cake topping inspires me to add sticks of gum for typography!

Arm Knitting Tutorials (with videos)

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So, have you ever heard of "Arm Knitting"?  Me neither. But all of the sudden, I see it poppin' up on Pinterest... then I see it everywhere!  (Does that ever happen to you?)  Anyway, I have NEVER knitted or crocheted, unless you count finger crocheting, which my mom taught me as a kid.  (Picture me at 14 saying: "Omg!... I could sooo make that!I  So I remember making a scarf for my  teacher.  Now in hindsight, I realize she lived in Florida, too but, hopefully she travels?)

So I clicked on a few tutorials and was blown away.  I live in sunny, south Florida where it's only cold aboooouut 2 days out of the year, so I really don't have much of a need for one of these things but I would love to try it.

Here are a few videos I came across that may inspire you to make your own.  And I would love to know if you tried it and how it came out.

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I love the texture in this one below.  It's real dense and soft looking.  I'm sure that can all depend on the quality and texture of the yarn you're using.

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What do you think? Would you ever give this a go?

(image via: pinkwhen.com)

Tutorial: Father's Day Collared Shirt & Tie Card

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(my mistake: there is no step 7...it's not missing, I just skipped from step 6 to step 8 by mistake...I dunno...just move on...nothin' to see here...)

Here are alternate variations:

Pretty Nice  /  {{{http://www.gingersnapcrafts.com/2014/06/diy-cards-for-fathers-day.html?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+blogspot%2FqPqxh+%28{Ginger+Snap+Crafts}%29}}}[email protected]@-{{{Gingersnap Crafts}}}

20 Dad-tastic Father's Day Printables

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(click on images to be directed to site)

(she also has a grandpa version)

(link directs you to download, site unknown)

(recipe for chocolate-walnut fudge bars are also on site)

Honorable Mentions:

16.  Father's Day Superhero Printable Set   |  via kiki + company

17.  "From Great Oaks..." Latin Proverb Printable  |  via the creative paige

18.  Kids With Father's Day Signs Printable Set (set includes cards, tags, flags, invites, thank you notes, and more!)  |  via catch my party!

19.  "All About My Dad" Printable  |  via Malia Karlinsky on Flikr

20.  Printable Tie to Design For Dad to Wear! (this is a valentine post but could definitely work for Father's day.  |  via my creative way

Fashion Illustrations by Katie Rodgers

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I came across this amazing set of illustrations and really felt the need to share them with you. 

They are by fashion illustrator, Katie Rodgers of Paper Fashion.  She has amazing work on her website and has an interesting technique with her watercolors where she adds jewels and it really brings the finished pieces to life!

This one below is my favorite.  It's from a series called "Far Far Away"  It looks like such a dream world...Isn't it just mesmerizing?

Below is a sample of some more of her art.  (If you notice, the one below/right with the star pants has subtle animation too.)


As you can see below, she's not like any other fahion illustrator.  She sets herself apart by her signature touches like animations, real embellishments like glitter and sequins, and the signature "doodle circles" and scroll work around key areas in the body and face. 



And if this bottom image looks familiar, you may remember it from the "Gatsby Inspired" post I did a few months back.

Head on over to her site to check out what she has. And you can purchased her prints in her shop.

paper fashion  /  trendhunter  /  sherona  /  my modern met  /  trinket spotter

bell'dora fashions  /  the raw book  /  glitter guide  /  shu84

BFF Clay Keychain Tutorial

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My sister needed a gift for her BFF and claims she doesn't have a crafty bone in her body, so she asked me to help her with an idea and assistance in creating it.  I thought this keychain would be a unique idea that she'd be sure to not already have.  It was inexpensive and personalized.

I've been seeing these types of keychains online between $15.-$30. and that's just on Etsy! I don't even want to look at the prices for retail.  So I decided to make my own. 

8 Links to Buzz About

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1.  I love this wall arrangement with keepsakes in plexi covered shadowboxes

2. These scary monster bookends could be a bookworm's bestie!

3.  Watching the drum-off with Will Ferrell and Chad Smith on Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon made my night!

4.  Here's what you miss when your face is stuck in a smartphone

5.  I love the idea of painting my grocery list!

6.  My new picture book Love Monster (a gift for my son) was a delightful read.

7.  DIY these adorable pine trees made out of a common kitchen staple!

8. One of the greatest songs of the 90's has been made into comic art.

Happy Birthday, Bob Dylan!

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Happy Birthday, Bob Dylan!

For today's post, since this is Bob Dylan's birthday, I figured I'd make quote art inspired by his 1974 song, "Forever Young" which I love.  The lyrics are so sweet and beautiful.  He is truly saying what every parent wants their child to hear. The lyrics are listed below the art.  I personally would like to dedicate this song to my son, Maddox.

"Forever Young"

May God bless and keep you always /  May your wishes all come true
May you always do for others /  And let others do for you
May you build a ladder to the stars /  And climb on every rung
May you stay forever young, Forever young, forever young
May you stay forever young.

May you grow up to be righteous /  May you grow up to be true
May you always know the truth /  And see the lights surrounding you
May you always be courageous /  Stand upright and be strong
May you stay forever young, Forever young, forever young
May you stay forever young.

May your hands always be busy /  May your feet always be swift
May you have a strong foundation /  When the winds of changes shift
May your heart always be joyful /  And may your song always be sung
May you stay forever young, Forever young, forever young
May you stay forever young.

I also highly recommend picking up (or checking out at your local library) Forever Young by Bob Dylan, the children's book based on this 1974 classic and inspired by the birth of his son, Jakob (who later became the frontman of the band The Wallflowers, releasing a single in 1997 that you may recall titiled  "One Headlight").

I consider Forever Young to be one of the most uplifting books to keep in your child's collection as I find it to be quite uplifting holding the same caliber as Dr. Seuss, The Berenstains and Eric Carle.  Not to mention, the illustrations by Paul Rogers are adorably simple and refreshing.  Below is the visual reading through his singing, page by page.   Enjoy.

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Bob Dylan's  "Forever Young"  /  lyrics found via azlyrics /

image found via cowboys of soul  /  edited on picasa + pic monkey /

book interior illustrations found via brain pickingslilapud  +  BeInkandescent

video found via you tube  /  picture book can be purchased on amazon