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Wall Cube Re-Fab-ulous!

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Wall Cube Re-Fab-ulous Tutorial

This is a tutorial for a wall cube I purchased on clearance, years ago and never did anything with.  So, as happens to everyone else,  It sat in my garage collecting dust bunnies and got dirty and inches away from

being thrown out.

I was like... "Hold up!... What am I doing?"

This grungy cube obviously had potential of having a better life.  

So I improvised and it manifested into something fabulous.

Step One:

Say goodbye to ugly white-wash cube ugliness.   I tried to figure out what color the cube was going to be and came up with gray and orange since those colors were in my living room's color scheme. 

I acquired this amazing orange leather IKEA sofa through
my sister and my days began to look sunny. 
That was a wonderful addition to my home!

And I added this IKEA throw pillow:

Step Two & Three:

I grabbed my cheap-o, Walmart gray acrylic paint and painted the cube's outside and front with two layers.  {Believe it or not, I forgot to spray it with a glossy clear-coat at this point which would've made it look a heck-of-a-lot better, but I will probably do this at a later date.}

Step Four:

I then painted the inside shelf wall with black.

Step Five - Seven:

I masked off the front part and used a good jumbo marker and finished off the edge so it had a clean transition between the inside wall and the front area.

Step Eight:

I didn't want the wall to be the back of the cube so I decided to put shiny orange vinyl.  I measured the back of the cube and added about 1/4" so the rigged up backboard would attach well.

Step Nine - Twelve:

Using the cardboard material that is usually on the back of a legal pad, I cut it to the measurements and mounted it to the back of the orange vinyl contact paper.  Then I cut to size with an exacto-knife.  When doing this part I grabbed a credit card and smoothed out the air bubbles in the contact paper.

Step Thirteen - Fourteen:

Using the board, I placed it on the back {not mounting yet} and marked where the notches should go allowing me to hang the finished piece. Then using scissors I cut out the notch.

Step Fifteen:

Using common craft glue, I mounted the board to the back {orange side in} and taped the seam to the cube.  Then grabbed my exacto-knife and trimmed the excess off about 1/8" from the edge of the cube.

Step Sixteen:

And lastly, using the exacto-knife again, I trimmed away the tape from the hanging holes.

Then I hung my re-fab-u-lous wall cube in shear joy!

Faux Porcelain Frame Tutorial

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"Drab to Fab"
Faux Porcelain Frame

Ya' know?  I got tired of seeing beautiful "porcelain" looking tabletop frames in stores that had the nerve to be soooo expensive.  I love texture and detail, yet simplicity. So, what did I do?  I grabbed a Dollar Tree frame, paint, and a can of clear coat spray and took matters into my own hands!
If you don't know already, orange is my second favorite color.  If you don't know my first favorite, then you don't know me at all.  {shame on you.....it's pink
The colors in my master bedroom are Tan, brown, orange, and aqua.  I wanted so bad to have a frame sitting on the nightstand to bring interest and color next to the bed.  Frames are one of the most perfect accessories to add.
You may find this tutorial to be a little "beginner" but my goal, wasn't only to have a tutorial on how I did it but to inspire with the idea.  So, for you "know-it-alls" out there,
check out the photo below, get inspired,
then proceed to the next entry.
{Do not pass 'GO'  and do not collect $200.}

Here's how it's done:

Step One:
Remove Glass from frame and set aside.  {Gee, that was easy!}
Step Two:
Using a nail file or sandpaper, sand any loose pieces on the surface, inside lip and on outer edges as best as you can.
Step Three:
Paint a primer using spray paint or acrylic paint.
Step Four & Five:
Paint desired color.  The more layers you use, the darker and deeper the color.  {Don't forget to get into any crevices}.  The frame I chose wasn't a wood frame.  It was a pressed particle board frame so it was quite porous.   So, the more I kept painting, the more I felt like the frame "soaked" up.  So, I just kept going back and applying layers.  I think I did about five to six layers.
Step Six:
Apply 3-5 layers of clear acrylic gloss spray for a glossy shine.  This step is very essential if you are trying to achieve a "porcelain" shine.  Again, if I had chose a wood or resin frame, the surface would've been a lot smoother and would've been much more realistic.  But, nonetheless, I am satisfied with the outcome.
Step Seven:
Hey... is that John Hamm from "Mad Men"I see in
the article under my frame? 
Why... yes it is.  He is promoting his season four of my favorite show!   
"...and how can I catch this interesting show?" You ask.
Don't miss "Mad Men" on Sunday nights at 10:00 on AMC. 
{hee hee... they don't even pay me for that.♥}
Step Eight & Nine:
Insert family photo of your choice {add any desired embellishments}
and place gently on nightstand and gaze before falling into a sweet sleep.
"No, you can't have my stand-in family illustration.
...are you kidding?  Go get your own." 

ABC's ... Your Way!

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ABC's ...MY WAY!


Ok, so... I'm a sucker for the novelty of alphabet magnets!

It adds personality to your kitchen and I like leaving

random cool messages to myself daily.  But even though colorful ABC's is beautiful, I wanted to make the alphabet my way. 




For those who don't know me, I have a nutty obsession with the marriage of pink and orange.  I'm not sure where it was conceived.  Possibly when I purchased a poster for one of  my once favorite singers, Bjork.

http://onealbumaday.files.wordpress.com/2009/03/bjork-post-album-cover-bjork.jpg" width="130" height="130" /> http://i532.photobucket.com/albums/ee330/yohikaru/bjork_-_post-back2.jpg" style="WIDTH: 129px; HEIGHT: 129px" width="129" height="101" />


So I began buying items that embodied this combination. 


Step One: Spread all the letters out and separate them by color and take two sets of letters out of your choice and put them aside. (Obviously, mine were pink and orange) 


Step Two: Place all other letters on a piece of cardboard or hard surface.  I used a box top from staples printer paper.   (note: In case you noticed, I left the pink "E" in for the message: Time 2 spray... and then oops... I left it in, oh well) 


Step Three:  Using spray paint, (I used Rustoleum spray paint for plastic) spray a coat at a time every 20-30 mins.  Don't try to do it all at once.  It'll make tons of runs in the paint.



Step Four: Make sure you pay close attention to the sides and insides of each letter.



Wait until the next day for the last coat to dry just to be on the safe side. 



OMG... Now you have your very own

customized alphabet to accessorize your fridge!


Project Cost:

Magnet letters: $1.00 each {X2} = $2.00 {Dollar Store}

White Spray paint: $2.00 Dollar General}

Total: $4.00!


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